Letters Page February 2012

Dear Editor

I am writing with regards to the issues raised at Aldi Supermarket car park in Syston, in your last issue.
I would also like to make you aware of the problem I encountered with the company, ParkingEye.
After travelling through Syston town on a Saturday morning I realised I had left something at home and needed to return to collect it, so therefore had to turn my car around. As the road was clear, I used the front of Aldi Supermarket car park to complete my turn in the road. About two weeks later, I received a parking fine of £70 from ParkingEye. The letter stated that I had parked my car in Aldi car park on a Saturday night and hadn’t returned until Sunday morning to collect it.
I knew this wasn’t my car as it is needed at all times and wouldn’t be parked anywhere else but my house at night time. I requested they send me a picture of the car to prove it was mine. A week later, I received a picture that was of my car. After investigating the photo further, I noticed that the wheels of my car were turned and it wasn’t actually parked in a bay! I came to the conclusion that they had taken my photo when I completed my turn in the road!
I wrote back to the company stating this and asked them to provide actual photos of my car parked in a bay at the times they had stated in their letter. If they could not do this then I would take the matter further.
A week later I received a letter of apology telling me the fine had been retracted and the case closed. I would like to inform the public that this is not a trustworthy company who in my case made the whole scenario up. They are just trying to con Aldi customers into paying out money for a fine, when they have probably done nothing wrong in the first place. Please do be aware if you receive one of these letters from ParkingEye…
Yours sincerely
Syston resident

Dear Editor

Re December/January issue of the Syston Town News, may I congratulate M. Aherne for successfully challenging the false, inconsiderate and worrying assertion that their car had been parked in the Syston Aldi car park from 9.24am to 6.55pm in September. Aldi should remember shoppers have plenty of choices and they need to get their contractors, ParkingEye, to update their faulty CCTV equipment.

Another point that shoppers should be aware of is that in their original planning application, Aldi indicated that the use of the car park would not be limited solely to people shopping at Aldi. I personally asked for this to be made a written planning condition, just in case Aldi did not honour their promise.

The planning consent that was issued on 23rd February 2006 came with conditions and my request that use of the car park would not be limited solely to people shopping at Aldi was supported by the planning committee, and condition 23 states:

The car parking area shall thereafter be retained as car park in connection with the store and as short stay parking for shoppers visiting the district centre.

REASON: To ensure that adequate off-street parking provision is made to reduce the possibilities of the proposed development leading to on-street parking problems in the area, and to maintain the vitality and viability of the district centre.

Having looked on the Charnwood Borough website it appears this condition still applies so the notices they display in their car park are disingenuous. The fact that Aldi willingly agreed to this condition greatly influenced the planning committee in deciding to grant planning permission. It’s questionable if the present notice is legally enforceable as it states ‘Free parking for Aldi Customers only.’
Many of us like the range, quality and price of Aldi products and appreciate how well trained, polite and hard working the staff are. So come on Aldi honour your planning conditions and remove the words ‘Free parking for Aldi Customers only.
County Councillor Dave Houseman


Bah Humbug Syston!
After unfortunately being unable to attend the last two years carols in the square, we decided to make an extra effort this year to attend. Well what a let down, we wish we had not bothered. Where were the lights around the square, the Christmas tree and traditional carols? The square looked very drab and uninviting. Who decided on the carols that no one knew, even the band struggled with one and the singing was poor due to no one knowing the carols? Did we want to sing Calypso Carol, Coventry Carol, ll est ne and changed words to the every popular Silent Night? No we did not, we wanted the good old traditional carols we have known over the years throughout our childhood, not modern interpretations or around the world carols. Come on Syston get your act together for next year and bring some colour and Christmas cheer back into the square and Syston!
From a disappointed older resident of Syston.