Declan’s Diary April 2012

This time four months ago to the day, we were settling into the Queens Medical Centre ready for Declan’s surgery in the morning. It has been a real roller coaster over the past four months and unfortunately there is more to come. Although Declan made a fantastic initial recovery, there has been quite a few problems since, as four months down the line Declan is more like how he should have been a month after surgery. We are awaiting results of a MRI and CT scan as there has been damage in his hip area, but without these results we don’t know if it is something that can be repaired with surgery or if he will never recover more than he is now. At present he has lost feeling in his right hip radiating to his lower back, although he has lost feeling in it, it  is also hyper sensitive so even pulling up his trousers is painful for him. As he had to stay so long in bed his knee tendons are also very tight, which together with his hip is making tolerating his chair very difficult. We have now built his tolerance up to six hours which is fantastic, but it is mainly in a very reclined position, which means he cannot see where he is going so effects his ability to go out. His arms have also got a lot weaker as has his neck. Thankfully he took a massive step forward last week and he spent an hour at school both on Thursday and Friday. School have been so supportive and have made him feel incredibly welcome on his return. At present he will continue to do only one to two hours twice a week, which after being house bound for four months is fantastic.

Many people who have visited Declan have said that he went into hospital a boy and has came out a man!!! Not only has he grown four inches, he has matured greatly and has also found even more courage. I am astounded and proud at how well he has coped with everything, he is truly an inspirational person. Due to being house bound this is only a short diary, but I’d like to take this opportunity to thank everyone who sent him a card, wished him well and have visited, it really has been very heart warming to see how loved he is.
Alexandra Spencer