Letters Page April 2012

Dear Editor
Can nothing be done about the youths who come sweeping down the crowded Melton Road pavement like hordes of Goths, on bikes, skateboards and those dinky little scooter things? In the face of the continuing cowardice of the authorities, I fear not, unless we take the law into our own hands. As this is unthinkable, I propose a more elegant solution: turn the situation to national advantage. This is why I have written to Lord Coe suggesting a new event to be unveiled at the upcoming Olympiad. A sort of cross between Death Race 2000 and Crown-Pin Bowling, the spectacle would take place on Syston’s much-abused sidewalks. Points would be awarded for each citizen mown down by hurtling juveniles, with bonus points for outright fatalities. Points would be deducted in the case of pensioners as they are clearly too easy a target. An extra feature, and this is the clever bit, is the awarding of yet more points for each incident unwitnessed by an officer of the law. Given the utter impossibility of any British policeman ever being on the spot, even by accident, when an incident is taking place, this should ensure a hatful of golds for the home nation. Will anything come of it? Perhaps not, unless a Councillor himself is knocked down, 56 points and an automatic silver. In the meantime, let us herald yet another creative first for Britain.
P Gray of Syston

Dear Editor
I am writing to you to tell your readers of an incident that happened to me recently, and warn others to be careful of which taxi company they use.
I was booked to go on holiday abroad and I booked Birstall Taxi Cabs to pick me up to get me to Birmingham Airport in time for my flight. I rang the company the evening before to check the taxi was booked for 4.15am, as it was snowing, and they confirmed that it was and they would ring me if there was a problem.

Well, they never turned up.

I rang and rang but the number was engaged, I could not get through. I rang other taxi companies but there was no reply. I eventually got through to Birstall Taxis at 7.00am and they said the driver had got stuck and all the telephone lines were dead.

A very poor excuse.

My travel insurance only covers the package holiday I had booked and not the third party, ie the taxi to the airport, I therefore have lost my holiday of £515.

I have had no apology, I have had no compensation.

I am a pensioner living on my own and was looking forward to my holiday. Be warned, do not use Birstall Taxi Cabs if you want to be somewhere in a hurry and always get your booking of your taxi in writing so that you have back up if this should happen to you.
A Tonkins of Syston