Letters Page May 2012

Dear Editor,
The article about ‘Charlotte’s Life Changing Accident’ was truly inspirational for a number of reasons. We have plenty of excuses for taking a pop at our youth, mainly because they engage in antisocial behaviour. However, Charlotte is a timely reminder of what is good about the next generation.
Her final paragraph sums up everything brilliantly. I have had a lot of troubles over the past year, and her exultation to ‘Never give up, because no matter how hard times may be….’ has made me feel much stronger, and has renewed my faith in the younger generation.
I wish Charlotte all God’s blessings for the future.
H. Midgley

Dear Editor
I would like to thank all those who sent me ‘Get Well’ messages, flowers and offers of help in many ways, which I appreciated very much during my recuperation after my hip operation.
Mrs. M. Baker

Dear Editor,
I have an old David Copperfield book with this inscription inside?Prize awarded to Maria Tomlinson for regular attendance. Syston Girls School February 1905. I wondered if any of the family was left in the town and if they would like the book.
Thank you
Mrs E. Henderson