New Barkby WI

President Shirley Franklin welcomed New Barkby members to their April meeting. The speaker for the evening was June Davies, from Gaulby, recounted her experiences of being a competitor on the BBC Tv’s quiz show ‘The Weakest Link’. This programme recently ended its whole series after twelve years.
After making an application to take part in the quiz, Mrs Davies never heard anything for about six months, but then had to attend an interview in Leicester. Two weeks later she had an invitation to travel to Glasgow for the programme to be televised, told what to wear that was suitable for the cameras to focus on and three recordings were made in one day. Plus, there were lots of rehearsals for the show and even had to practice the ‘Walk of Shame’. Nobody wished to be voted off first and there was tactical voting. Above all this, Mrs Davies did enjoy her few weeks of ‘fame’.
The vote of thanks was given by Mrs D Conroy. The competition for the letter ‘W’ was won by Mrs V Cobb and Mrs J Cross won the raffle. Refreshments were provided by Mrs C Hickling and Miss E Loder.
Apologies to Mrs J Bishop who won the competition for the letter ‘E’ in March and not Mrs A Taylor as stated.
The next meeting will be a Resolutions meeting on Wednesday 2nd May at 7.30pm in Syston Community Centre.
Visitors are always welcome.