Syston Town Council Chairman Visits Wreake Valley Student Panel

Councillors Howard Midgley Chairman of Syston Town Council, and Josie Branston met with staff and students at Wreake Valley to start the work of a student panel, as can be seen in hte picture above. They explained the work of the Town Council in the context of local government, and discussed any immediate concerns. Students were aged 14 to17 and came up with a variety of concerns, such as the range of shops in Syston, for example they wondered if Costa would be prepared to open up, and the state of the toilets. However, the students were very positive, and finished with the aim of collecting ideas for the next meeting, due to be held in May.

Before that meeting Councillor Midgely has arranged to meet with Helen Myles, a detached youth worker, and students on 30th April in Central Park in order to listen to their concerns and ideas about the provision of facilities on the park.