Letters for June 2012

Dear Editor
My family and I have recently had the unexpected and sad task of arranging our Mother’s funeral.?We should like to offer our heartfelt thanks to……
Bert Tegg for conducting our Mum’s funeral services with warmth and care, Lisa and Kate of Lily and Grace Birstall whose floral garlands and spray adorned our Mum’s seagrass casket so beautifully .
Sue and Ellis at Birstall Golf Club who, along with their team, provided our Mum’s friends and family with a relaxing, warm and welcoming venue, a lovely buffet and unlimited pots of tea after her funeral.
Rick, Julia and their team at G E Gamble and Sons of Syston for whom nothing was too much trouble. They were always available to answer the smallest question, made all practical arrangements, guided us through decisions with patience and knowledge, and looked after our Mum so carefully after collecting her from the hospital.
Not only did they all act with expertise and professionalism within their own specialties, allowing us to concentrate on our family and friends and not worry about arrangements, but with a thoughtfulness, care and empathy which truly helped us all get through a very difficult time.
Thank you
Jayne Spence, Anne Burdett and families. ?

Dear Residents of Syston
I would like to tell you of some unfortunate happenings to Age Concern Syston situated in the Methodist Church Hall in High Street.
They have had their second break in, where some scumbags who live in the community have broken into the office breaking doors, cupboards and drawers just to steal money from a self-funding charity.
Age Concern Syston have to work hard to raise their monies, no government funding here. They have raffles, coffee mornings and bingo as most of you know, to help raise their monies. So why don’t these layabouts get off their back sides and earn their own drug money instead of stealing from charities, you never know one day they could need Age Concern Syston themselves.
I have heard that Age Concern Syston have learnt their lesson and they no longer keep money in the office, so next time round there will be no money for you.
Many thanks for listening to my moaning, but this is not acceptable in our community.
A friend of Age Concern Syston.