An Accident Waiting to Happen

The picture above was taken by a concerned resident it shows cars parking on a route that was designated as a safe walking route for St Peter and St Paul’s Primary school.

That was a comment made by a resident who attended a meeting on 13th June as St Peter and St Paul’s primary school about the Star Walker programme used by schools throughout Leicestershire to encourage children and parents to walk to and from school each day.

There are growing concerns that someone could be seriously injured or even killed by the increasing amount of traffic that is congregating around the roads surrounding the school. This is not a new problem as residents in the area have being actively trying to work with the school to assist in finding ways to encourage children and parents to avoid using their vehicles near school.

Unfortunately, it has developed to such a point that pupils who attend St Peter & St Paul’s Pre-school St Peter & St Paul’s Primary School and Wreake Valley are also at risk.

A representative from the Highways department said that they are considering using traffic orders, civil enforcement and double yellow lines to prevent cars parking around the school.

One suggestion to improve the situation could be if you live within a mile from the school to which your children attends then perhaps now is the time to really consider if it is necessary to use your car, or if you and your children would benefit from walking, over 50% already do.

There are many benefits for everyone, money can be saved, and with the large increases in fuel it would save you a considerable amount if you walked. It would help increase health and fitness for both your children and yourself. Children would be able to chat to their friends and be prepared for lessons on entering the school; they are more likely to arrive on time which can only improve their achievements. Their health and safety is a priority for us all.

The benefit to the residents around schools, not just St Peter and St Paul’s, would be that fewer cars would be parked at the school gates, reduced stress about finding a space to park and also less confrontation between residents and people collecting children.

This can only make for a happier environment for everyone. Something to consider the next time you use your car.

If you need to drive, and there are times when this may be necessary, have you considered car sharing with friends/neighbours?

Another suggestion was for a walking bus scheme to help alleviate the problem, this would mean a group of parents helping each other out by meeting up with a group of children at a designated point and then walking them to and from school.

The schools in Syston work very hard with the Highways department, residents and parents to make sure children attend school as safely as possible, but the ultimate responsibility is that of parents to get their children to and from school safely.

Please think before you take the car, if you can walk then do so an extra few minutes is better than a lifetime of regret. Remember it could be your child that gets hurt and nobody wants that.