Horoscopes for July 2012 by Jeanne Douglas

Aries (20 March – 19 April):
Try not to worry when a job or work project comes to an end! Whether you’re ready for this or not, life has something else in store. You’ll enjoy spending more time at home as a result, catching up with nearest and dearest.  Life indeed is much more fun. Look out for a little windfall too, which will be very much needed.

Taurus (20 April – 20 May):
You have the knack of raising a little cash this month, as well as spending it on romantic endeavours and favourite pursuits. A change in the daily routine is most welcome and will brighten your mood! In fact, a whole new perspective unfolds. Be on the look-out for a new soul mate who totally shares your view on things.

Gemini (21 May – 20 June):
You’re quite determined to battle your way through practical tasks, even though you have much higher aspirations. This is frustrating to say the least! However, just watch your finances improve as a new way of raising money presents itself, at last. Others are quietly watching and are rather impressed; seems you’ve got it in you.

Cancer (21 June – 21 July):
You’re full of hope even though your dreams include worry and doubt, they still spur you on nevertheless! For better times ahead are promised and you know it’s best to remain positive. A relationship is finally sorted out and this brings much relief. A chance meeting with a new business contact indicates a step in the right direction.

Leo (22 July – 22 August):
You build on a good idea this month and it’s all rather fun! This encourages a more positive social time and this suits you.You also have extra time from completed work projects. Your willingness to work harder than everyone else guarantees success. A dream of a wonderful holiday or travel opportunity needs following through.

Virgo (23 August – 22 September):
Life takes you away from the usual social scene and this may be unsettling. Cash matters, however, continue to stabilise and this certainly is good news! Look out for a great new job and you’re more than prepared to work with all those new faces. Taking time out on a hobby or leisure activity reminds you what makes you happy.

Libra (23 September – 22 October):
You are confident now that a more positive phase is truly unfolding and isn’t just a temporary thing. For it seems that, finally, you are getting what you really want and your mood improves day after day. Changes with home and family free you up! Catching up with a very old and dear friend helps you understand the meaning of life.

Scorpio (23 October – 21 November):
At last, you have a vision of the future and one that is more promising! Recent changes to the daily routine are most pleasing and this shakes you out of a bit of a rut. As a more upbeat mental attitude unfolds, others find you pleasant and capable. Pushing ahead now with special plans will certainly find success and much support.

Sagittarius (22 November – 20 December):
As you reach the end of a financial phase, look for better ways to raise some cash and these will certainly present themselves! Fun and passion with a loved one puts a smile on your face though don’t get upset by the odd squabble, it’s not that serious. And though you’ll certainly be having fun, you also get to improve a talent or skill.

Capricorn (21 December – 19 January):
You change your direction this month, deciding upon a completely new set of principles! Much fun is had with a new romantic partner and you also get onto the same wavelength. Work goes well but that’s because you’re prepared to work hard. But a glance over your shoulder from time to time, at the past, is also a good idea.

Aquarius (20 January – 17 February):
A new job opportunity offers the chance to improve your mental capacities and you are certainly entering a period of personal development. This calls for a celebration with your nearest and dearest! Friends gather round as your popularity soars. Plus, someone is falling in love with you, or is it infatuation? Time will tell.

Pisces (18 February – 19 March):
Familiar faces are destined to move on out of your life, or at least for a while. But look out for new ones to take their place and you’ll certainly see eye to eye! Working with them reaps huge rewards. Life is certainly interesting as a new era unfolds. You take the chance to branch out, never mind the consequences, things have to keep up.