Letters Page for July 2012

Praise for the Organisers of the Syston Jubilee Festival

Dear Editor
I think congratulations are due all round!
First to the Chamber of Trade for finding the time and energy to organise the Party in the Park while still trading. There was something for everyone. How wonderful to get a spitfire fly past, quite made the day.
Second for the effort the town’s traders made in decorating their shop windows. It was splendid effort.
Many congratulations also to the hardy souls who, nothing daunted, defied the weather and brought proper picnics to the park. It really added to the buzz.
Vicki Friend

Dear Editor
May I, through your pages, publicly thank the committee of the Syston and District Chamber of Trade for organising the festival on the park to celebrate the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee? Looking at the programme now, I can see that they tried hard to cater for all ages, and I am sure that many people enjoyed the event despite the poor, typically British, weather. Without such events as this and the carnival we would be a much poorer community, which would be a great shame. Thanks too to all who took part or helped in any way, and particularly to Mrs Victoria Russell the events co-ordinator for all her hard work behind the scenes.
Felicity Austin.

Dear Editor
I would like to say what a tremendous day we had on Saturday 2nd June. It was obvious that the Syston and District Chamber of Trade had all put in a?vast amount of hard work beforehand, as well as the fretting on the day. Although the weather wasn’t very kind, the turnout and appreciation of the public was fantastic. As I said at the time I was touched and honoured to be part of such a prestigious occasion, the likes of which we will not see again in our lifetime.
I drove past Central Park on the following morning, and was greatly impressed by the spotless condition in which it had been left. I’m sure the Council ground-staff will be very appreciative.
Our heartfelt thanks to all concerned.
Howard and Janet Midgley


To the Editor, Syston Town News

I am writing to express my thanks and appreciation for the support I have had within the Town during my three years as Chairman of the Town Council. It has been a tremendous experience, and I have learned much about the many and diverse groups that operate in the Town, often through the efforts of unpaid volunteers. From the 90 year old who works for Age Concern to the 13 year old participating in the ATC, Syston has an unsung population of magnificent people. True there are those who try to blight our community, but let’s put them into perspective and celebrate who we do have, which is the vast majority. Many thanks to you all.
Howard Midgley


Dear Editor
Further to our article which you kindly printed in the May edition, regarding notices relating to the feeding of the ducks on the brook and the ‘Duck Food’ letter in the June edition, from L. R Harris, it is encouraging to note that there are others out there sharing our concern for the health of the wildfowl and the pollution of the waterways.  We would like to thank the Syston Town Council for acting so quickly and producing and placing the notices regarding the feeding of the ducks. It may be a coincidence but we haven`t noticed bread being thrown in in such large amounts lately. Could the next step be further notices being put up advertising the fact that ‘duck pots’ containing suitable non polluting food can be purchased from Syston Town Council, or maybe the Natural World Pet shop would be happy to get involved by making this product available and sponsoring suitable signs to be sited in appropriate areas around the brook.
Marilyn & Maurice Bent


Dear Editor
It is so nice to see the dog walkers in Syston carrying plastic bags to clean up their dog poo, but why is it that some dog walkers, having put the poo in plastic bags decide the best place to dispose of it is in my hedge?

My hedge borders the public footpath that leads from the top of Central Avenue, through the new housing estate and out onto the Queniborough to Barkby roadway. At the top of Central Avenue, there is a signpost at the entrance to the public footpath, so why cannot the Syston Town Council fit a dog poo bin onto this signpost? People may then put their bags of poo in the bin and not in my hedge.
Derek Cox