Letters Page for August 2012

Dear Editor,

I wanted to write to you regarding a minibus van hire company that operates from Syston. The company is called A1 National Van Hire and I booked a van with them nearly two months ago at the cost of over £1000 + £500 deposit. The van was picked up two days later than promised, but I called up regarding my deposit and I was told it would be with me a week later, over a month later I still have not received a deposit back despite them sending me an email promising it would be in my account on the 4th July, I then tried to call them up and ask where my deposit was and they hung up on me. Ok, so that in itself might not be a newsworthy story for your paper.

However, I then googled reviews of the company and this is what I found. The following seven different sites containing complaints about the same company and I have listed them here so if anyone would like to check them out:








OK, so enough of the complaint forums, I also have found this BBC Radio Interview about them taking money out of people’s account:



So, my point is I feel there needs to be an investigation into

A.) Why are Trading Standards still allowing this company to trade? Despite the many complaints about this company.

B.) I suggest this company needs as much exposure as possible to it’s? fraudulent? trading, so nobody else goes through the stress that myself and the dozens of other people have gone through.

L Dowling


Dear Editor

With reference to your article ‘An Accident Waiting to Happen’, regarding parking around St. Peter & Paul`s Primary School, I was rather confused by the photograph which appears to have been taken in Bath Street. The photo attached, which I took in Upper Church Street 8.40am. on Wednesday 4th July, surely shows where the main problem occurs. We regularly take our grandchildren to school and the majority of the cars parked on the pavement down Bath Street are obviously those belonging to the residents. As I understand it, the rear gates to the school field have been opened in recent years to share the access. There are obviously  NIMBYS residing in this area who are only concerned for themselves, not the pupils of the school. The dropping off of pupils in this area takes very little time as the older children can be left to make their own way to their classrooms once they are through the gates. It is obviously preferable for as many parents and children as possible walk to school but with many parents having to work it is very often not an option. To make my point, only this week, whilst transporting East Midlands In Bloom judges to view St. Peter & St. Paul’s nature area, at about 10.15am, I was asked to move whilst standing by my car waiting for my passengers. When making my own comments to the lady, I was accused of shouting and being a ‘trumped up councillor’!!  I am neither loud, trumped up or a councillor.  Hopefully the concerned resident will not get her way by removing what I consider a safe rear access to the school, which in fact is used by very few, as it will only increase the problem to the front of the school. I took a further two photographs from Bath Street on the same day at 8.35am, showing the parked residents cars and one a works van at the bottom of the cul de sac attending a property and, at that time, no parents cars whatsoever.
M. Bent

Letter from Belgium

My name is Mrs Marie Rose Hancisse, I live in the town of Auvelais, Belgium. I’m 57 years old and I love to write.

One day, when I was 17, I bought an LP and once home I played this record and the first song was Release Me, what a voice! After listening to all the songs, I tried to find other records of the one who became ‘my favourite singer’. The years go by and one Sunday afternoon I turned on the TV and what a surprise, I see a very handsome man, very smart with long brown hair. It was ‘my favourite singer’ Engelbert Humperdinck! It happened in 1994 on a French TV channel. Many years later, my husband bought two DVD’s of my dear Engelbert. One show of 1985 and another 1995 at the L.A. Forum. As soon as I saw him step down to the stage in a very elegant blue costume and his way of smiling, oh dear. He began the show with Love is a Many Splendid Thing after that followed with Can’t Take My Eyes Off You, Strangers in Paradise and all the others until the last Unchained Melody. Many red towels were thrown into the audience and I would love one of them.

I decided to give my brother a call about a website address I found on this DVD and many days after he called me and said “Sister, I’ve found something that would interest you, I’m sure of it. Your favourite singer is on tour in Europe and the next month he’ll be in Antwerpen.” Englebert will be in my country! I must see him absolutely! This was on 17th November, so I spoke to my husband and we decided to phone The Sportpaleis in Anvers and at once had all the information that Englebert will be at the lotto Arena one month later, 17th December at 8.00pm. It’s another showroom near the Sportpaleis, what about a seat? There were two seats available on the 10th row, just beside the way to the stage, just great! It’s very long to wait, one month to see Englebert, how was he looking now, could I see him close as I wished. Does he still throw those red towels? The most important day in my life had come and after a lot of difficulty, we arrived at the showroom at 7.40pm and the show began at 8.00pm. I was very nervous and on time I see a beautiful man step down very carefully to the stage, it gave quite a thrill. My God, it is you, my dear Englebert, you are still so smart in your black smoking jacket and when he began to sing, I knew that this man was the one I had seen 40 years before on a record pocket. Yes, it was Englebert. I sang with him all show long. He calls for a woman to go on stage to sing with him and I was thinking, do I go? But another girl was going, it was too late for me! After Englebert sang a very strong version of My Way I left my seat to rush to the stage and there I see my very dear Englebert really near me and when he started to throw his little red towel, I CAUGHT ONE! So I put it in my pocket and try to give him a poem I had written especially for him, but it was very difficult and when Englebert left the stage in his beautiful red robe, I still had the poem in my hand. I decided to talk to one of his bodyguards and give him the envelope with the poem, with the promise to give it to his stage manager.

I don’t know if he did, but before leaving I bought Cds. That night I could not sleep, and the next day I had to leave Anvers. Tears filled my eyes. I’ll never forget that evening. As soon as I was at home I decided to learn how to work a PC and I’ve done it. So now after almost four months since I bought a PC, I follow Englebert every day, I’ve visited all the websites about him and now I know for many weeks he has bee accepted to perform for UK, what a lot of sites to visit. For me he’ll always be The King of Romance.

Marie Rose has never found a fan club address so if anyone can help, please contact STN via the contacts link.


To the Editor

Since the Railway Station has started charging daily for parking, the roads around the station are full of cars, parked by drivers avoiding paying £2 per day. When approached about parking their car, they are rude and so not care about parking outside your property. I contacted Syston Town Council and County Hall, they do not want to know. The school holidays are nearly here, the children play out, I hope this situation does not cause any accidents. Does anybody in this area share my views?

Millers Close resident.


May I thank the splendid young man who came to my assistance the other day whilst I was attempting to board the number five bus. Not having travelled for some time I was unaware that the fare had gone up and consequently struggled to find the extra 35p demanded by the, somewhat surly, driver. It was then that the aforementioned gentleman, observing an old man in distress, stepped forward from behind and heroically paid over the outstanding amount. Never let it be said that this country is a complete shambles whilst men of such a stamp still exist. Why, he even gave me an extra week to pay it back.
P. Gray