Letters Page for September 2012

Dear Editor

Inconsiderate Parking since the Introduction of Parking Fees at Syston Station.
I am writing this following the letter published in the latest Syston Town News from a Millers Close resident regarding parking since charges were introduced at Syston Station.
I too am fed up with the amount of cars that have appeared in our road recently. I have written to the Council telling them of the problems we face and especially those caused by a green BMW which consistently parks half on the path and half on the road, apparently this is illegal parking. If anyone wanted to pass with a pushchair or wheelchair they would not be able to do so. This vehicle was also parked outside one of the houses blocking a safe entrance/exit to the property. The Council tell me that there is nothing they can do and that I am to report this to the Police, which seems very petty with all the problems the Police have to deal with. These vehicles make exit from the Midland pub difficult too as drivers cannot see when coming out of the pub car park.
There must be some of you drivers who live within walking distance of the station and if you can’t afford £2 a day parking, park safely and not in Millers Close.
Another Millers Close Resident.

A copy of this letter was sent to our local police and they are looking into the situation but said the following:
Should any residents have concerns regarding this matter, they would be encouraged to call 101 and report their concerns.
Richard Melody
PC 2864
Syston PBO

Letter sent to councillors about the proposed houses east and south of Syston.

We were dismayed to read about the new threat of 1,500 houses on farmland to the south and east of Syston in the latest Syston Town News.
Unbelievably, this is IN ADDITION to the 5,000 houses already being proposed on open countryside within the square cornered by Hamilton, Thurmaston, Syston and Barkby.
No doubt you will be aware of the concrete arguements against such large scale development through the tireless BABTAG campaigns which are receiving profound support from residents in these communities, but that will evidently increase following this recent announcement.
It is simply not right nor fair for us to bear such a significant burden of Leicester’s overspill, especially when there are many other suitable alternative locations within the City and Charnwood which should also be considered. Development on this scale will destroy the separate identities of these individual towns and villages, in addition to the productive farmland that will be lost.
This level of development would require the same level of infrastructure to support it although this appears to be severely inadequate.
As those who have it within their power to prevent and minimise such abuse on our countryside, we ask that you listen to the strong local and informed opinions on these matters and seek to achieve decisions that are acceptable to the affected local communities.
Mr and Mrs D and J White.

Response received from Councillor Matthew Blain.

Dear Mr and Mrs White,
Thank you for your note, and for taking the time to write with your views on the options being considered for how Charnwood accommodates its’ share of the housing growth requirement for Leicester City.
Although the consultation has formally closed, I will ensure that your views are passed to the planning department and included in the responses that we’ve gathered so that they can be considered.
It is important to note that at this stage no decisions have yet been made, and that there will be a further consultation later in the year (when the Borough’s final views are published) before Council votes on the proposed strategy early in 2013.  Details will be available through our website, or no doubt BABTAG who are copied to this note will let you know.
Thank you again for your email…it really is important to understand local resident’s views of the different growth options as part of the process for bringing forward a balanced local plan.
Kind Regards,

A letter has been received from a Syston resident regarding the whereabouts of Mr Mason, a former Dentist in Syston.
He sold his Dental Practice and is now practicing in Francis Street, Leicester.