Letters from Resigned Councillors

Dear Editor
As a Parish and Town Councillor I would like to thank the many people in Syston for the tremendous support they have given me over the years, and reassure them that I am continuing with my activities in the Town other than on the Council.
I have resigned from Syston Town Council for the following reasons.
Having been a councillor for several years since 1983, I was elected Chairman between 2009 and 2012, during which time I tried to reach out to many organisations within Syston.
Since the new Chairman took over in May, it has been made clear that any input I have in the Council is sidelined or ignored.
It is a sad day for me, as there has been a Midgley on the Council since 1983. I am not the first to resign from this new regime, and I won’t be the last.
H. Midgley

Dear Editor,
I am writing to you to let your readers know why I have resigned from the Syston Town Council and ask if you would print this copy of the letter I sent to the Council.
I am writing to inform you that it is with the deepest regret that I have made the hard decision to tender my resignation as a member of the Syston Town council forthwith.
After much consideration and deliberation I feel I am unable to contribute to further debate or policy matters without falling into conflict with the newly elected chairman who I have very little confidence in.
I believe the chairman, already an elected member of Charnwood Borough Council is unable to offer the kind of commitment and support to both the constituents and the town itself. I believe lack of commitment by the chairman to the issues I have raised previously and possibly in the future will continue to generate conflict at meetings. I do not wish this to be the case and see no reason to participate further. My opinion is that matters arising from these issues appear not to be paramount to the chairman. I believe matters that arose previously at meetings which have not reached a successful point of discussion, debate or decision to be integral to the positive future development of Syston and the people who live there.
This seems to be a one man show and other councillors cannot make their own minds up on issues put forward, they follow the leader, I find them gutless and undemocratic.
The general lack of support from the chairman towards the issue of the proposed new cemetery and other planning local matters has cemented my decision to resign.
Yours sincerely
P. L. Wright