Letters Page November 2012

Dear Editor
Walkway between The Stiles and Melton Road
I want to draw your attention the above walkway which is used by pedestrians of Syston. It is my understanding that quite a few people have complained to Syston Town Council about a small piece of land that is covered in stinging nettles which is encroaching on the walkway to such an extent it it impossible to pass two at a time.
I do not know who owns the land in question, but it really shouldn’t be allowed to continue. It is particularly difficult for young children and those on mobility scooters to avoid because of the height of the nettles.
I wonder if you can use any influence you have to get these spiteful weeds dealt with.
Many thanks
A. Perkins

The above letter was passed onto the relevant councils and councillors with A Perkins permission and hopefully by now the offending weeds have been dealt with.

Dear Editor
Street parking in Syston.
As a resident of Syston for many years I attended a full council meeting of Syston Council on 25th September. I brought the problem of parking around the streets of Syston to the attention of the councillors. I came away from the meeting with no real answers to the problem. It seems the only way you can do anything is to contact your local MP with a petition from your street. I have enclosed a photo of the railway car park at 10.00am on Monday the 1st October. Where are the cars?? Come on Syston Council sort this out, remember who voted for you!!
R.A. Beeton
Resident of Syston

Dear Editor,
I am writing to thank all those who attended my 80th Birthday party and very kindly made donations to the charities I suggested, Cancer Research and the Volunteer Centre Syston. I was able to present cheques worth £250 to the Volunteer Centre and £230 to Cancer Research.
I hope everyone who attended my party enjoyed it as much as I did and thank you all once again for your generosity.
Kind regards
Meg Hendry

Dear S.T.N
I am writing to tell you how disgusted I am at something I witnessed at the Deville Park on the 27th September between 3.30pm and 4.00pm.
I was looking after my grandchildren and there were also a lot of other parents and children on the park, when I saw a pregnant women with a big, dark dog. She was standing near the hedge while her dog ran all over the park and did his business which she didn’t come and pick up.
I wanted to go over and say something but I had my grandchildren to look after. If she didn’t want to pick it up she should have let her dog do it in her back garden.
My grandchildren nearly stepped in it minutes later.
A concerned Nana