STC Report on 25th September 2012

There were 10 members of the public present.

Adjournment for public questions

There were three questions asked. 1st Mr B. Henshaw thanked Mr Ian MacDonald for accepting the temporary roll of acting town manager during the absence, through illness, of the current town manager. He remarked that the council were fortunate to be able to call on a well-qualified gentleman at very short notice.

The next question came from Cllr Daniel Grimley who represents the Queniborough ward. He referred to the proposed New Cemetery and although he appreciated that it was needed, he had been contacted by concerned Queniborough residents as to Syston Town Council not holding a public consultation, and so he had attended this meeting to ask the council to reconsider their decision. The Chairman asked the chair of Amenities if this could go back to the committee and Cllr M. Carnal asked if the concerned residents would put it in writing and send to the council. This was agreed.

The last question was asked by Mr R. Beeton, a resident of Millar’s Close, which has become overrun with people parking there instead of the large car park at the station, due to Network Rail now charging £2 per day. Residents have been faced with ignorant drivers and inconsiderate parking near or across resident’s driveways. The Chairman said that Syston Town Council couldn’t do anything, but that they would put it forward to Cllr D. Houseman to take to the County Council.

Reflection –

The reflection was read by Cllr M Carnal.

There were twelve councillors present with apologies from five.
Cllr H. Midgely declared an interest into item ten Community centre panel as did other panel members.

Police Report

The police report was moved forward as Inspector G. Turner and Sgt. N. Burnham were present. PC R. Melody reported that Burglary to dwelling and non-dwellings were down on the previous period last year. Damage was also down. Robbery had increased by one for which an arrest had been made which lead to a search of the suspects home which in turn discovered a small cannabis production operation, this was seized. Theft had reduced by 12 incidents in comparison with last year, and theft from vehicles had also decreased. Anti-social behaviour had increased by 2 on the same time last year. They explained that a traffic survey had taken place relating to motorists breaking the 30 speed limit on the Fosseway on 1st September between 10.00am and 1.40pm. The results were that 55 motorists were tracked at between 31-35mph three at 36-40mph and three between 41- 43mph. These results will now be analysed by the police department to decide upon their importance. He was asked a question as to the level of problems relevant to the fair being in town. PC Melody responded by stating that there had been two crimes but that neither were directly linked to the fair. In comparison to two years ago it was very good.  When asked about the fencing, he responded that it had improved the safety of the public but will need to monitor it moving forward. The chairman asked this to be referred to the Amenities committee to review before next year.

PC Melody then introduced Inspector G. Turner who agreed about the fencing and asked to be included in any future meetings concerning it. She then went on to explain about new teams and how they should be able to respond quicker to neighbourhood issues such as Anti-social behaviour, burglary etc. Shift patterns will also be changing in the New Year.

Agree minutes held on 24th, 31st July and 14th August

An Amendment was requested to the minutes on 24th July as objections were raised by some councillors and they wanted this minuted, as it resulted in some councillors leaving the meeting. The chairman refused and asked to move on, at this point Cllr P. Wright handed in his resignation due to councillors continually arguing in public, feeling that these councillors had ruined the quality of the Council and he couldn’t stand to remain on it.  He was asked to clarify by Cllr J. Midgley if it was her, but stated that it was Cllr S. Hampson and others whom he felt were responsible. He also requested that this was published here. There was a stunned silence of a moment after which the meeting continued.

Minutes of the subcommittees
It was asked that the consultation about the cemetery be put into the Amenities Committee.

No Matters arising from minutes and no Chairman’s Announcements. Only communication was from Allan Clark re-his health which would be discussed as a confidential item at the end of the meeting.

Members Questions

A question had been received from Cllr R. Gray which the chairman said he had just received and proceeded to read in front of the council. It asked about an item on the agenda at a previous meeting on 26th June and why it had been withdrawn, raised at meeting on 24th July which failed to clarify withdrawal; this was attributed to an error made by the acting town manager. The chairman then stated that he withdrew the item as it referred to the conduct of councillor’s behaviour but on the grounds of a positive meeting he withdrew the item.

Report from Community Panel

As the chair of this panel was unwell, the vice chair gave a brief summary and stated that they were awaiting the report on costing’s being carried out by Cllr P. Henry to give future pricing. A meeting with Leicestershire County Council re-future funding of the Syston Project is to be arranged.

Request for panels to be added to next Full Council Agenda

Community Centre: LCC use of school rooms

Concerns raised by the lack of supervision and damage to the Community Centre, and after a discussion it was agreed that a meeting should be arranged with the manager of the project, and a representative from Leicestershire County Council. Cllr S. Hampson suggested that he and Cllr D. Houseman should do this. Cllr H. Screaton asked that it should be strongly put to Leicestershire County Council that if the project was not sufficiently managed and damage was caused to the centre they may be asked to leave or pay for any damages.

County/Borough Councillors reports

Cllr D. Houseman began by explaining his day and listing all the jobs he had done before attending the meeting. He said that he valued Mr MacDonald’s return. He reported that the footpath between the Fosseway and the town centre was now complete and open for people to use. He then went on to talk about the new bridge that will be built over the river Wreake, see separate article on page ?? for more details.

Syston Fire Station will close in April 2013 when the new station being built at Birstall will be finished and operational. The fire service say that response times will not be affected as the Birstall station will be manned by full-time fire-fighters. He then suggested that Syston Town Council or a local group may want to bid for the facility and hand it to a local community group, i.e. youth group. A letter should be sent to Charnwood Borough Council and he asked the council to give it a lot of thought. It was agreed to add it to the development committee agenda.

Cllr S Hampson said that due to the summer recess there was not much to report. However, he did state that new street lights where being put up on many streets in Syston which was good as they are energy saving. He then stated that at the Borough council they would be discussing the development framework and to alleviate local worries about housing in the near future.

Second Defibrillator for Syston

A second defibrillator was to be installed at the Midland Railway Public house and it was suggested that it should be named after the late Mike Preston. In total Syston needs five, Cllr S Gerrard said she would begin raising funds from local businesses. This was agreed.