Gables Day Nursery

Six months have simply flown by at Gables Day Nursery and the building is finally ringing with the laughter of happy children. Since June we have been very busy playing and creating. The children have built a space centre, a spooky cave, a circus ‘big top’, dens in the garden, opened a hairdressing salon, treated patients at their hospital, we are exhausted!
As a company, we have been listening to the needs of the parents who have visited us. We very quickly realised that there is no place in the current climate for inflexibility with regards to nursery sessions and we have responded to this by offering additional booking patterns such as a normal and an extended school session.
In addition, we have opened our ‘Funded five Pre-School’ that provides free places for children aged from three years onwards. This is open every day, during school term times, between 9.00am and 2.00pm and gives parents/guardians the opportunity to place their child at the setting for five hours each day, up to a maximum of three days. We are excited about the pre-school and we anticipate it to be very busy.
So, what is in store for Gables in 2013?
Manager, Jenny Page-Faulkner, says: “We are looking forward to building upon the very sound foundations that have been laid already. As the children love to venture out, we are planning on visiting some exciting places such as the Theatre, New Walk Museum, Great Central Railway and many more. We already nip out rather a lot to visit the shops, read books at the library, take bus rides, play in the park and look at the animals at the pet shop and the children really enjoy these spontaneous outings into the community. We will be busy developing our outdoor space even further by making every area an opportunity to experiment and learn. By using natural and everyday objects in innovative ways the children’s imagination is driven by their innate curiosity so, for example, a cardboard tube can become a musical instrument, a tunnel or even scaffolding! Like our sister nursery, Woodlands, we will also be introducing our extra-curricular activities like French, dance, yoga, tennis and so on. All of these serve to add variety to an already fun packed day and they are great fun.”
It’s going to be a busy year for sure.