Letters for December 2012

Dear Editor,
As a long established resident of Syston, I was shocked and embarrassed to read the two letters of resignation from Councillors Midgeley and Wright (November 2012 edition).
After the fiasco of the Extraordinary meeting, as reported in Syston Town news earlier this year, I was amazed to find that after only a few months in office the chairman has already been responsible for a number of resignations.
I have been living in Syston for 50 years and have seen many good and hardworking Councillors working for the benefit of residents, often with little or no thanks, over the years.
How on earth are we going to replace three vacancies with all this going on? I cannot imagine anyone wishing to volunteer for election only to find themselves too upset to continue.
Syston is a good place to live with excellent shops and facilities, but at the moment I am ashamed to say that recent goings-on at Council Meetings and subsequent resignations from loyal and conscientious Councillors like Messrs Midgley and Wright, make me very angry.
David Fox

Dear Editor,
I refer to former Cllr P.Wrights resignation letter reported in the November issue of the STN.
As a regular attendee at council meetings, I feel qualified to offer an independent view.
In his resignation letter he states that the current chairman isn’t supportive of proposals for a new cemetery, Barkby Parish. This is factually incorrect, the chairman Cllr. S.Hampson has pronounced to be in favour of the scheme, with a proviso that the proposal was just subject to a public consultation with our neighbours in Barkby and Queniborough, a sensible precaution if the scheme is to gain planning permission.
Mr Wright goes on to state that Syston town council, who support the current chairman are ‘gutless and undemocratic’. Finally if your ideas were so good, and you had a firm belief in their ultimate value, surely it would have served the town better by putting your presumably accountable and sustainable proposals on the table for the council to discuss. However your rather futile gesture of resigning was your decision.
B.W Henshaw

The following letter was given to the Syston Town Council in October but the STN didn’t  receive a copy until after the newspaper for November had gone to print. Soit was  agreed with the author to print it in the December/January issue.

Dear Editor,
Please print my letter of resignation to let the residents of Syston know my reasons.
“I would like to tender my resignation from the Council with immediate affect.
I find it impossible to work for a Chairman who treats the Council and people of Syston with utter contempt. This is obvious by his statement to the Queniborough Gazetter announcing he would not support STC in its quest for a cemetery on the Ridgemere. I have served on STC for a number of years and on the Amenities Committee where the cemetery has played a big part, and to hear the Chairman of STC let us down is disheartening.
Since May, when he took over, I have felt intimidated by his attitude and the way he has gone against any decision he was not happy with, always using his position of CC or BC. My self worth as a Councillor has been taken away from me.
It is sad that we have lost a Town Manager and two good councillors, which is roughly one a month. If you do not agree with him you are shouted down and his supporters protect him. I feel I am wasting my time as a Councillor and not getting any further forward with necessary work needed for Syston.
I regret the fact I am letting the people down but I have no choice.”
Rita Gray

Dear Editor,
We would just like to congratulate my daughter Kathie and her friend Dixie, see Mrs Nethercot’s picture below.
We had a fabulous night in the Thurmaston club, it was all for ‘children in need’, sponsored by Pukka pies.
The X Factory as been running for eight years, by Graham and Chris Love.
17 acts from Thurmaston and local schools got through to the final show, which was held on the 15th November.
My Daughter Kathie and her friend Dixie stole the show with a song called ‘Satellite’.
Would just like to add a well done to everyone who took part.
Kind Regards
Pam Nethercot