New Barkby WI

At New Barkby’s Annual meeting, Shirley Franklin, President, was re-elected to serve for another year.

Other Committee members :-  V.Cobb, R.Foster, C.Grant, E.Loder, A.Montague, J.Oliver.

Tellers for the evening were Mrs K Buck and Mrs Kirk, from Barkby and Beeby institute.

During the evening Mrs A.Montague gave her report, as secretary for last year, which was  followed by Shirley Franklin’s address. She thanked all committee members for their support and to all members who attend the meetings each month, as well as the social events.

The raffle prize was won by Mrs S.Gamble.

Tea Hostesses, Mrs B.Jameson and Mrs P.Warren.

During the evening members were able to purchase items from a bring-and-buy sale and enjoy some social time.

Wednesday December 5th.

Syston community centre. 7.30pm

Visitors  welcome

Speaker – Mr Ian Rogerson

“Smile please say cheese”

A chance to sample a variety of cheeses as he presents his talk.