STN report on the Full Council Meeting of 23rd October 2012

The full council meeting took place on Tuesday 23rd October at 7.30pm with six members of the public and 11 councillors present.

The meeting began with the reflection read by Councillor E. Vardy, followed by the adjournment.

Adjournment for public questions
There was just one question asked by Mr Henshaw which related to a meeting held between the council, police and the fair in July 2011 where various suggestions were discussed, agreed and ratified at the next full council meeting as to the use of fencing around the fair while on the central park. He went on to quote a Defra document on the ‘Management and protection of registered town and village greens’, which lists Section 12 of the Inclosure Act 1857 where it states that it is a criminal offence to fence off a village green. He asked why the council had not been made aware of this information at the time of the meeting. Cllr. M. Carnal said that they had been made aware of it and at the time of the meeting they considered the implications of security for the residents of Syston as a priority and felt that a temporary use of fencing was in the best interests of everyone. The Chairman asked for a review to be added to the amenities agenda.

Apologies were received from three councillors.

All minutes were agreed after a couple of amendment requests. Cllr T. Barkley new chairman of Resources Committee.

Chairman’s Announcements and Communications
It was announced that no valid letter had been received from residents to ask for an election for the three vacancies so the election of co-opted councillors was to be added to the next full council meeting. The Chairman asked for anyone interested to come to that meeting.

A letter had been received about the second defibrillator from Leicestershire county council, Cllr. S. Gerrard was congratulated on obtaining this funding.

There was a meeting held on Wednesday 24th October at the car park on St Peter’s Court, all councillors were welcome to attend.

There were no Chairman’s questions.

Police Report
PC R. Melody gave the report to the councillors which showed no burglary of homes, although one had been reported since the production of the report. There had been three burglaries of non-dwellings. However damage had reduced to seven from ten in the same period last year. There had been one robbery reported, and theft had been regested as 12 which was a reduction on last year. He noted that six of these offences related to shops and were committed by the same person who is now on bail. Theft from motor vehicles amounted to four down on last year and Anti-social behaviour reports were five which is one more than the same period as last year. He spoke about two local youths who had been issued with warning for riding their scooters in a manner to cause alarm or distress. He gave advice on how to protect against theft, see page 7 of the last issue and page 2 of this one .

Cllr. E. Vardy asked if they could have information about detecting crimes. PC Melody answered by saying that the system is designed to give information about crimes reported why they had introduced the good news sections as they can’t give any more information than to say whether or not an arrest has been made or that someone is on bail.

He went on to say that beat officers will be replaced by the new set up in January, there will be an article about the changes in our next issue.

Sale of Syston Fire Station
The council had received a letter of interest from the Health Centre, although not a formal proposal. This was discussed in a confidential matter at the end of the meeting.

Town Council Panels
Syston Project. An excellent meeting, councillors on the panel and at the meeting said it had been very productive and would like to set up an annual meeting to maintain the good communication achieved. Cllr. T. Barkley thanked Cllrs. J. Branson and P. Henry for arranging the meeting.

Event Panel. Cllr J. Branson said that it had been good to see more councillors at the last meeting and that all arrangements were underway and thanked everyone that attended. Cllr E. Vardy thanked Cllr. J. Branson for taking it forward.

The Chairman said that the reports showed how useful and effective the panels were for getting things done.

County/Borough Councillors reports
Cllr. T. Barkley reported about the Glenfield hospice and ECMO being debated in parliament after supporters and local MPs had worked hard to get over 100,000 signatures on an epetition to have the decision reviewed, although it would not discuss the Ecmo aspect, which was disappointing. He then spoke about the individuals being taken to task for fly tipping and general littering in the borough. He also spoke about the remembrance parade that will take place in Loughborough on the 11th November, although Syston will have its own. He stressed it was important to remember those who gave their lives for our freedom. Finally, he said that as yet there had not been any decision on an increase in council tax and he hoped that no increase would be made.
Cllr. E. Vardy reported on the new scheme at South Charnwood Leisure Centre where GPs can refer patients to them, see page two of the October issue or STNwebsite for details.

Cllr. S. Hampson reported from the county council in that they were hopeful in not increasing the precept. He assured councillors that savings means reduced services and if any of them had concerns for any residents to speak to him privately. He referred to his proposed meeting with highways about the parking on St Peters court and hoped to raise the parking problem mentioned by residents on Millars Close, although they had already told him that it would be difficult for the council. However, he hoped that network rail would see the loss of revenue and revise its charges. He was asked to enquire about residents parking only for streets near the station.
Fiona Henry, Editor.

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