Letters Page February 2013

Dear Editor.

We are writing to voice our views concerning a Funeral Parlour opposite our home. We have lived here in Wellington Street, Syston for over 40 years. During this time we have had to put up with a noisy engineering factory with Articulated Lorries, other heavy goods vehicles making late deliveries, parking overnight, and early morning starts, which after complaining has been considerably subdued over the years. Now the present owners have moved to new premises and the building has been let out in three parts. Upstairs is a Fashion Designer, with the largest portion of the building at ground level due to become?a Funeral Parlour.

The Council informed us a few weeks ago of this plan, resulting in ourselves and many of our neighbours contesting the proposal most profusely by e-mail, phone calls, and even a petition to the local council offices in Syston, all to no avail. We have now been informed permission has been granted, it seems our complaints have fallen on deaf ears!

We do not want this Parlour opposite our homes, it is supposed to be a residential area, but our so called council think otherwise. Would they like it on their doorstep!?

Wellington Street is quite narrow, and operates a one-way system, although you wouldn’t think so with the amount of vehicles that ignore the signs and park over your drive. There has been no consideration concerning the residents at all, so why have this Funeral Parlour here? There are many other empty units around Syston where there are no houses.

Yours Faithfully.
Mr & Mrs Clark.