Flower Arranging – Gayle Shell

The snow has gone, and in the borders the spring bulbs optimistically push up their green shoots, but it will be a while yet before the borders are in full colour, so why not create a little spring in your home!?

This featured design will use a combination of plants and cut flowers.

Assemble a large plate(a small tray or shallow dish will do) a pin holder in a shallow dish(a plant pot saucer or shallow tin works just as well) and some moss. You may be able to gather the flat moss from the countryside. We have a spot on our allotment where it grows in abundance, and after the wet weather, if it is not too frost, it should be plentiful.

My plants include small Polyanthus, Muscari and Tete-a-Tete Daffodils. The Daffodils and Muscari were in pots but the Polyanthus came in a pack of six. All were removed from their containers, and after watering well, were wrapped in clingfilm to keep the moisture in.

I chose beautifully perfumed Hyacinth for my flowers, and these were place onto the pin holder with some of the leaves. They flopped a little, so I added a small cane and discreetly tied them to it for support, adding water to the container to sustain the flowers. Any spring bulb flowers can be used.

Their straight stems make them easy to arrange simply onto the pin holder, and they will last well in free flowing water.

Next I arranged the plants around the plate, and then covered all of the mechanics (pin holder, clingfilm etc) with the moss.

I added some lichen covered branches and garden string for interest. You could develop the garden theme with a small bird or other accessory.

Remember to remove dead flowers and foliage to keep the design looking good, the cut flowers can be replaced as necessary.

I have done this design in all kinds of containers. Baskets, wooden containers, and troughs all work well.

These designs are a long lasting pleasure. Buy the plants and flowers in a bud and you can watch the arrangement change and develop over the days, and when the flowers finally fade, the plants and bulbs can be planted in the garden.