Dear Editor

How long are the people of Syston to be kept in the dark regarding the possible location of a new cemetery. Rumours around, about a site off the Ridgemere Lake – even in the same field as the Moody Bush Stone – surely not!

The Ridgemere is of tremendous historical importance and is much loved by local people. To use this road for more traffic is to show contempt  for our history and disregard for local people.

This is a simple traffic road that would need to be widened for traffic to pass. There is no footpath on the Ridgemere, not between Syston and the Ridgemere (1.6 miles) what about safe access for Pedestrians!? Using the dangerous Queniborough Road would be an accident waiting to happen.

There is a footpath leading up from the track by Syston Grange Farm, but this serves two farms and would not be suitable for cemetery visitors. The comments from the farmers would most likely be unprintable.

Syston Town Council say they have searched over 10 years for a site and nothing is available.  Due to this secrecy we do not know where they have searched. It seems they have hired various estate agents to do this, who knows how much money has already been spent? With the enormous amount of building purposed for Syston, have the Syston Town Council approached the builders? How many years can the current cemetery be used?

Come on Syston Town Council, be open about the search and involve the town for help to find a suitable site, giving Syston a friendly new cemetery or several smaller cemeteries.

A Concerned Resident