Two Poems sent into a national competition by Sonia Wood

Leicester home
comfort zone
familiar place
friendly face
rising life
trouble strife
goodness too
remaining true,
Young old
fearful bold
tales created
stories told,
Love hate
destiny fate
unfold unravel
transport travel
escape relax
making tracks
forever moving
gaining losing,
hopes live
hopes fester
comfort zone
home Leicester.

In Leicester, England
I was born and raised
I’ve lived here all my life
right through to middle aged,
There’s treasure in this land
that cant be bought or sold
memories worth more than diamonds
hopes and dreams worth more than gold,
There have been many changes
within the land and me
what things it would have seen
if it had the eyes to see,
Wsahat stories it could tell
of all the life it holds
as it silently observed
every happening unfold,
In cocoons of bricks and mortar
we unravel and relax
becoming more than just statistics
in our personal habitats.
You can take me out of Leicester
but not the Leicester out of me
its been the stage and props
to play out my destiny.