Syston Town council news

Three members of the public present along with 6 councillors.
The Reflection was read by Cllr P Henry.
Apologies received from three councillors.
Adjournment for public
Only one comment made by Mr Henshaw said that he attended most meetings and referred to what he thought were unwarranted remarks made towards the acting town manager made at a committee meeting by a Councillor. No Chairman’s comments were given in reply to this comment.
Declarations of Interest
Cllrs H Screaton, J Midley and J Branston declared an interest in the item about the Community Centre Management panel issues.
Chairman’s Announcements and Communications
The chairman talked about the meeting on Saturday 19th January. Minutes given to the Councillors at the full council meeting. These need to go to the relevant committees. Agreed to discuss in the agenda item report of S106 monies meeting, see later in report.
One item of Communication was received from a Mr P Goodman who had heard about Mr A Clarke’s illness and offered his services in his absence on a voluntary basis, as he was currently studying for his town managers qualification. It was agreed to invite him in for a chat with resources committee.
Police report
PC G Freeman took the councillor’s through the report which showed a drop by three to two in burglary of dwellings when compared with the same time last year, however, burglary of non dwellings had increased by five to six. Damage reports fell by three to ten, there had been no robbery reports received. Theft from vehicles had increased by five to six and thefts form motor vehicles dropped to one from five. Anti-social behaviour remained the same at seven.
He then went on to answer any questions and explain that the new Safer Neighbourhood Teams were in operation and gave the website:

Request from Syston Local History Group

The local history group had asked for permission to include materials from a publication produced by the council to celebrate the Queen’s coronation in 1952. It was to be a new past times book to be published in celebration of the Queen’s 60th anniversary. This was agreed.
To Set a Precept for 2013/14
Cllr T Barkley proposed the STC ‘s precept for 2013/14 of £392,500. This was agreed and passed.
Community Centre Management Panel Issues
Cllr K Pacey was asked to introduce the item. He did by explaining that following the process of inviting letters of application for the position of premises officer. They had received 5 applicants initially, out if those interviewed one stood out and was offered the post. Some questions followed which were answered fully. Cllr E Vardy proposed employing the applicant on receipt of satisfactory references and tested equipment, this was agreed.
Cllr P Henry said there were some items from the Panel that needed to be considered through Resources, for example room hire charges, this was agreed to be added to the resources agenda.

A discussion over the terms of reference for the panel followed, the original terms had been presented by Howard Midgley and Cllr T Barkley asked for these to be presented to the next resources meeting. This was agreed. Cllr K Pacey talked about the current PA system and that there was a need for more microphones and legally they need a ‘loop’ system fitted. Also the acoustic’s expert suggested having wall hangings in the hall to help with the sound problems.

Cllr P Henry then asked for help as he was the only remaining panel member following the resignations of Cllrs K Pacey, M Pacey and J Branston. Cllrs N Gee, E Mott, S Gerard, V Henshaw all offered to join. Cllr T Barkley repeated his request for terms of reference and budget for the panel. Cllr P Henry agreed to deal with these.

Cllr H Screaton raised a point relating to the carnival being charged £80 for the use of the Central park and felt as this was a community event they should not be charged. It was referred to the resources meeting.

Report of S106 Monies Meeting of 19th January

The Chairman reported that this had been a good meeting with £126,000 available to spend on Adult recreation in Syston from S106. Ideas had been put forward including some money to go towards the cemetery. Another to put adult exercise equipment near the children’s area on Central park. Archdale street play area, which is currently at the design stage, Skate board track improvements. All resulted in these being passed onto the Amenities committee for further discussion and agreement.

Cllr T Barkley asked if this meeting was to be regular then terms of reference were required and that all ideas go through the amenities committee and no projects done without full approval of the committees and full council.
Progress report on Recent issues
A lengthy item which went through all recent issues. One point of interest was the Ownership of Central Park this was confirmed to be the Syston Town Council and the details were being sent to the land registry.

County and Borough Councillors Reports

County Cllr D Houseman sent apologies for his absence.
Borough Cllr T Barkley talked about the new Charnwood Borough Council walks booklet, featured in the STN February issue. He went on to say that as part of the Legacy of the Olympics, grants were available to new clubs, coaches, facilities. Charnwood BC had not set their precept as yet, due to be done on 25th February.
Cllr K Pacey reported that the final meeting of the CCTV Scrutiny panel and report going to cabinet for approval supported by the police and other agencies. He met the new LPU Commander Inspector Tim McCabe at a Crime Safety meeting and said he was impressed with him and that he is open to communication from councillors. He also said that he had complained about the state of the white and yellow lines throughout Syston and that they should be sorted soon.

Cllr S Hampson referred to the success of the Fosse Health Trust and that the County Council would be responsible for more help in the home in the future rather than the health trust. He concluded by saying the County Council proposed no increase in council tax.