Declan’s Diary

2013 started off slightly unusual this year, we were watching the fireworks out of the window of the Leicester Royal Infirmary. Declan was rushed into hospital on the 22nd December with a chest infection which very quickly turned nasty. He had pneumonia and bronchitis and ended up on the high dependency unit having a machine to help him breathe at night time. For a month this became our home, the nurses were surprise that they had never met Declan before as most boys with DMD would have already had a nasty chest infection by his age. He worked his charm on the nurses and the ward staff become so fond of him that they were sad when he was allowed to leave, although glad that he had recovered. We then went to Rainbows children’s hospice for a few nights so I could get some sleep as I had not left the hospital and slept on a z bed for the whole of the stay. Due to Declan’s DMD and the severity of the chest infection, it took quite a while to recover completely from it, but we are so blessed as we are lucky he made it through at all, let alone make a 100% recovery. He has now completed two full weeks back at school and is back in the swings of his normal life, which mainly consists of playing on his computer and bossing me around! For Declan to make a full recovery is nothing short of a miracle and just shows what incredible inner strength he has, and to say I’m proud of him doesn’t even begin to explain how I feel about this remarkable young man whom I have the honour of called my son. Now he has recovered we are putting dates in our diaries to do some fun, exciting and memorable activities for 2013, which I feel will now be a amazing year for Declan.
To end this months Declan’s diary I want to say goodbye to a very brave little girl called Maralise who passed away two weeks ago. We met this cheeky beautiful little lady in 2011 at Rainbows with her parents, Jay and Becky. They have all become very good friends with myself and Declan and we have all enjoyed several nights indulging in a Chinese take away. In the middle of February Maralise was taken into hospital with a chest infection that she never recovered from and fell asleep in her mummy’s arms on the 26th February . Both Maralise and Becky have become a inspiration to many people including myself and the celebration to Maralise’s life was a testament to this, as over a hundred people came to say their goodbyes and let a balloon off into the sky for this little angel. Maralise will never be forgotten, just her name makes me smile.