STN Reort on the Public Consultation held on Friday 15th March 2013

Plan 2a

On Friday 15th March the Syston Town Council in conjunction with Bellinger Design, Landscape Architect held a public consultation in Syston Community Centre for the proposed new cemetery.
A small number of people attended the event including the editor who asked for copies of the plans in order to place one in this issue so readers could see the plan and gain some insight into the proposal. Above can be seen the first stage of the planned cemetery, it includes car parking for up to 19 cars including two disabled spaces. Phase one includes an area for traditional internment, a children’s burial area, an area for scattering ashes and a natural burial area. All are linked to a place of reflection which would be in the form of open sided natural stone structure to all areas. The field identified is accessed from Ridgemere Lane and contains the famous Syston Moody Stone, but that is situated at the bottom of the field and will not be affected by this proposal, see OS view of the location below along with the architects drawing of the phase one to four left. At the event the following information was obtained from a leaflet available to everyone who visited the exhibition.

It states the long history of the council in its pursuit for a suitable site for a New Cemetery and the problems they have encountered because land is liable to flooding, or landowners who prefer to sell to developers who pay much higher prices for their land. The land at Ridgemere Lane was identified by the land agents and the owner was willing to sell at a reasonable price. During the lengthy negotiations the council were obliged to treat the matter as confidential. The site was also explored by Nottingham University to determine if it was an ancient settlement site, this took a long time but was completed with no site being found. There are a large number of house builders operating in Syston, but none have been willing to release land for this purpose. The council is now at a stage where the only option is to continue with the land at Ridgemere Lane to ensure the people of Syston are not forced to bury their dead at Loughborough. As this is such an important issue for us all, the council has agreed to another date, please see below.

Please take some time to call into the community centre and see for yourself the plans and give your feedback to both the councillors and the landscape designers who will be on hand to answers your questions.

Courtesy of Bellinger Design
Courtesy of Bellinger Design