The Leicestershire Speakers

It was a cold and frosty night outside, in sharp contrast to the warmth and friendship of the Leicestershire Speakers’ Spring meeting on Wednesday the 13th March.

New Member Pam Sheppard read a relevant piece from ‘Confessions of a G.P.’ by Dr Benjamin Daniels. Val Christie’s topical speech ‘The Ides of March’ had nothing to do with Julius Caesar but was a tragic tale, laced with humour, of culinary catastrophic preparations for a Dinner Party. Jo Northam’s speech gave great insight into the Life and Times of a ‘Bizarre Lady’ also known as Clarice Cliff. The last speech from Wyn Glen, gave much enlightenment as to how inventions can be benign or destructive, the mobile phone being one of the latter category!

After refreshments, Morag Wilkes chaired the topic session, three minute impromptu speeches, on the theme of journalist from a fictitious Blaby District Evening Chronicle. Josephine Burgess the Marketing and Sales Correspondent, urged us to forego local markets and sample the delights of Dubrognik whilst Dot Barnard provided us with the low-down on why the Ladies of the Night had gone on strike, until their clients’ manners improved. The variety and humour of the Topics lifted everyone’s spirits and gave them the energy to tackle the icy windscreens waiting outside.

Leicestershire Speakers welcome anyone who would like to learn the art of speaking in Public. Our evenings are supportive, informative and entertaining. We offer enthusiasm and encouragement to help turn nervous wrecks into confident speakers. We meet at 7.30pm on the second Wednesday of each month at Blaby Drop-in Centre. Map on our Website  or ring Anne Jones on 0116 277 2295 for information. We are available to give entertainment and talks to other societies and groups.