The Merton School Activities

Our picture above shows: Members of the school council on Comic relief day!

The Merton School has been very busy in the lead up to Easter break with a variety of activities.

Firstly, they raised money for comic relief on Friday 15th March by staff and pupils going to school in their pyjamas, then they had an Easter egg competition. They performed a play, called ‘Peace Child’. The play is about two tribes who have their differences but eventually realise that it is better to live in peace and work together to make a better environment.

The play links with their continued support for The U Foundation charity. The school through the charity have over the last five years helped to purchase a fresh water pump, collected packets of seeds, hats and toothbrushes. This year they have been collecting bars of soap and to date had collected over 2000 bars. These will be taken by five teachers including the head Mrs S Tompson during the Easter break, when they will visit the Siankaba Nursery school in Zambia, which is the school they are linked with. Mrs Thompson said: “The other four members of staff and myself are looking forward to going out to meet the children and staff at the School in Zambia.”

If that wasn’t enough, in May four members of staff are planning to take part in the London to Paris bicycle ride to help raise more funds for The U Foundation. Look out for more details in the May issue.

Merton Easter Egg Comp.
A sample of the eggs entered into the Easter Egg competition!