Keeping it in the family……………………

If ever you contact Chris Meynell and Family, that is exactly who you will be dealing with – Chris or a member of his family. Chris and his Wife Kathryn, have been local to Syston and the surrounding areas for over forty years and along with their four children have been very much part of the local community. Not only have many of them worked in Syston for many years, all of them have been active members in the local church, sporting clubs or social organisations.
It is because of this strong feeling of family and community along with his vocation of Funeral Director that Chris has taken the step of opening his own business on Wellington Street in the centre of Syston. It is increasingly common for small, local family businesses to be taken over by larger companies or they are simply sold out of the family. With the recent sale of H Towell Funeral Services of Sileby to a national firm, Dignity Funerals Ltd, and G E Gamble & Son of Syston no longer owned by the Gamble family, Chris thought it was the right time to offer his services to the local community. “It is simply down to personal preference. If you prefer to use big supermarkets, franchises or local businesses owned by local residents, the decision is personal. Each type has its own merits and it is not for me to tell you which type is right for you”
The benefit of using Chris Meynell & Family Funeral Directors is their devotion, personal pride and long term commitment to the local community. As a Father, Grandfather and Great Grandfather Chris is more focused on families – not profits. There are no shareholders to please or head office to answer to. Families are their number one priority. “When you suffer the loss of a family member or friend, it is very comforting to know your funeral director is a member of your community. We endeavour to create a personal relationship which leads to a unique, sensitive service on every occasion. Most people find it easier to deal with people you know and the relaxed, flexibility that comes with that relationship – we feel the same”
If you have any queries about the funeral process or profession, please contact Chris Meynell & Family Funeral Directors at 28 Wellington Street, Syston, LE7 2LG. Tel 0116 260 7954
Email: [email protected]