Letter – Re New Cemetery

Dear Editor
Re New Cemetery
Following your report in the April copy of the STN, I attended the public consultation on the 4th April and I would like to make the following observations. Not everyone has their own transport, and there is no public transport that services this area.
An alternative is to walk, depending on where you live in Syston this could involve a two mile plus walk each way, but the most worrying aspect of this, is there are NO footpaths along the roads to the proposed cemetery on Ridgemere Lane. The road between Queniborough and Barkby Road turn is a very busy road with a large volume of traffic which could prove to be dangerous.
I understand when speaking to Cllr Steve Hampson one of the main factors is the cost of land. I am quite sure the majority of Syston residents would be prepared to make a one off contribution via their Syston Town Rates to obtain a much better site.
This is a facility that most families will be required to use in the future so the correct decision must be made now for the future generations, or are we already too late, and this is already signed and sealed!
The leaflet handed out at the consultation stating only option is to continue with land at Ridgemere Lane to ensure people of Syston are not forced to bury their dead at Loughborough. I think the people of Loughborough would have something to say about this, or is this another Red Herring!
Yours sincerely
Mrs. D Martin