Poem – Syston

The following poem written by a Syston resident was entered into the  national Poetry competition last year and although didn’t win we thought you would like to read it.
You may pass through our ancient town
And wonder on its name.
In past times of Domesday fame
The tenant was Suain.
We kept the Anglo Saxon name
And made it then our own.
It once was Sideton, Sison and even Sisetone.
In 1348 a black cloud did descend
The people died reduced by plague.
But that was not the end.
They thrived and farmed and worked the land
And faced the years with grace.
Prince Rupert called on land nearby
With troops and made his base.
We will be in the history books for a hardy quest.
When nine man toiled and built a bridge
Never stopping for a rest.
They toiled with labour hard and finished in nine days.
It still remains to this day so we can give them praise.
If all the folks who’ve gone before were to return again
I think that they would want to stay, as life is much the same.