STN report on the Full Council Meeting of Tuesday 26th March 2013

The meeting began with Cllr E Vardy reading the reflection and then apologies being given from three councillors. A total of 15 Town Councillors were present plus County Councillor, D Houseman and six members of the public.

There was then an adjournment for the public to ask any questions, none were asked.

Painting By Edward Taylor
An oil painting created by local artist Edward Taylor was presented to the council, it features a steam train and can be viewed on page 28/9 in the Spotlight. It will be erected in one of the public rooms in the community centre for residents to see. Unfortunately Mr Taylor was unable to present the item himself and so his daughter and Mr B Henshaw presented it on his behalf. The Chairman thanked Mr Henshaw and Mr Tayor’s daughter on behalf of Mr Taylor for his gift. He asked for a letter to be sent to Mr Taylor.

Localism Act 2011 Presentation
Michael Hopkins of Charnwood Borough Council presented to the councillors the Localism Act and how it will affect the local area. He circulated some handouts of slides to help steer them through. Most of the Act will affect Principle Councils, which in our locality are District/Borough Councils, so Charnwood, rather than Parish councils like Syston Town Council. However, there are key points that would be of interest, for example a community right to challenge, which means Syston Town Council could challenge services that Charnwood Borough Council provide for the town and bid themselves. They could also create their own Neighourhood plan.

There were no Chairman’s announcements and only one communication about courses open to the councillors. There were no questions for the Chairman.

Police Report
Pc Carly Hall gave the report to the council outlining the fact that both theft and Anti-Social Behaviour had gone down compared to the same time last year. She also referred to the incident reported in the last issue which took place near Wreake Valley Academy on 8th February. 28 Anti-Social Behaviour letters had been issued. No further incidents since then. Regular patrols have continued around the schools.
On a positive note, during February a test purchase operation around the sale of alcohol to underage persons was carried out. All premises in Syston passed with flying colours.
Cllr K. Pacey thanked PC Hall and asked if they had sufficient staff in the area to which she replied yes there is good communications at all levels of police in Syston and with Loughborough.

Second Public Consultation re- New Cemetery
After discussion it was agreed to hold another public consultation on 4th April in the community centre 3.00pm to 7.00pm. This was published in the previous STN.

Community Centre Management Panel
Cllr P. Henry reported that they had been looking into advertising the community centre facilities and would present these to the Resources Committee for discussion. Cllr. T. Barkley supported this idea.

Gang Mower: to service and repair or lease
Cllr J. Midgley explained the situation and after some discussion it was agreed to purchase a reconditioned one with a service plan.

Progress Report on Recent issues
Councillors went through the list and noted which items were progressing and which needed chasing. Two items need attention, one was about the Quality Status of the Council and the other the need to advertise for a new handyman as the last one left after a very short period.

County and Borough Councillors Reports
Cllr E Vardy began with a thank you to the STN for publicising the new councillors surgeries.
Cllr T Barkley spoke about an initiatve to conserve energy and that on 14th April a network and funding guidance session would take place.
Cllr D. Houseman thank the street cleaner for doing such a great job in all weathers.
He then reminded everyone about the County Council elections taking place on Thursday 2nd May and that postal votes would be sent out on 18th April. He went on to explain that the Spring Savers booklets were now available from Loughborough.
Also that the local forums have £15,000 available for local projects, application need to be in by 14th May with voting taking place on 11th June. He then talked about the meals on wheels and luncheon club based at Mountsorrel where senior citizens can get a hot meal and dessert for less than £6 delivered to their home and even have it plated up and served in most cases.

Cllr S. Hampson reported that he had attended the Police and Crime prevention committee meeting and a copy had been given to the office to be circulated to all councillors. He also mentioned the Ambulance station situation and that Loughborough would be our nearest station now.

Cllr K. Pacey reported discussions about nightclub restrictions and that the council and the police preferred to keep as it is. He then talked about work on student accommodation as well as gipsy’s and traveller sites. The feedback from the latter groups were that they preferred small sites rather than large ones.