FINAL Public Consultation on 4,500 Houses

On 11th April Charnwood Borough Council leaders approved plans for a development the size of Syston to be built on productive farmland bordering Thurmaston, Hamilton, Barkby and Syston.

It is not a done deal. The full council has to vote for or against it in the autumn after it has digested what you, the local residents, have to say about the scheme in a six week period of public consultation beginning on 10th June.


Charnwood will be organising public exhibitions at which the borough’s planners will be present to answer questions in Thurmaston on Tuesday 18th June at the Memorial Hall 6pm to 8pm, in Barkby Village Hall on Wednesday 19th June 7pm to 9pm and in Syston on Saturday 22nd June in the Brookside Suite 10.30am to 12.30pm. BABTAG members will be there to ask the hard questions but if you are concerned be there too.

BABTAG accepts that there is a need for new homes in our area but knows through its long campaign that the number proposed, 4500, is unacceptable to local residents.

BABTAG says the plan is unsound because;-
Local people have not been consulted since 2008 and the planners have not attended the regular Area Forum meetings to update local residents despite repeated requests.

Now that the East Midlands Regional Plan has been revoked the government requirement for building a set number of houses in such an unsuitable location has been lifted.

The impact of the travel movements of 12,000 new residents and commercial HGVs on busy roads already suffering huge traffic snarl-ups should have been thoroughly addressed before council leaders approved the Plan.

The loss of 700 acres of good agricultural land is folly at a time of increasing food insecurity and a lack of agricultual land in the UK.

The character and integrity of the conservation villages in the area is threatened despite pledges to protect them.

If you don’t want this new town on your door step you must tell the council. You must say whether you think the plan is sound or unsound and give your reasons.

Charnwood’s preferred way to receive your views is online via its special website  but you can also make comments by email [email protected]  or letter. The number of comments is important so please get every member of your family and all your friends to let the council know how you feel about this huge development.

More information on how to comment is in BABTAG’s leaflet “Red Alert on the 4,500 Houses” which is being widely distributed throughout the affected area and on the BABTAG website

During the recent local elections letters/emails were sent to councillors who were standing for election with the following questions:
1. Do you support or oppose the building of 4,500 houses on productive farmland north of Hamilton and East of Thurmaston now that the obligation to build in the P.U.A.(the Leicester northern fringe) has been removed by the revocation of the East Midlands Regional Plan?

2. Do you support or oppose the road and transport measures that have been proposed to mitigate the travel movement of more than 12,000 new residents of the SUE and specifically a new link road from the A607 through the playing fields of Roundhill School to Barkby Thorpe lane?

Councillor David Houseman sent the following response to BABTAG prior to his re-election.

As you will know Charnwood Borough Council is the Local Planning Authority and Leicestershire County Council is a consultee. The development site that you refer to is not within the Leicestershire Syston Fosse Division that I represent, however, it would certainly affect Syston.
It’s considered that there should be an end to big housing developments being imposed on residents without the necessary infrastructure improvements. It appears that no particularly provision for the elderly has yet been included in these plans but we have a rising elderly population and Extra Care Housing should be an essential part of any large development.
As yet I have not seen any evidence to substantiate the claim that a new settlement, over 4 times larger than the village of East Goscote consisting of 4,500 dwellings, is needed in and around Thurmaston.
If there is a need for such a large number of houses on this side of the borough it would seem to be more sensible to locate them adjacent to existing major dual carriageway highways not where they are surrounded by exceedingly small country roads.
The additional road traffic using the proposed road link from the site through the grounds of Roundhill Academy to Melton Road (the A607) could not only increase air pollution but also increase the dangers to students walking to and from the Academy; so it will be necessary to see how the developers intend to mitigate these dangers.
I live not far away and have observed that the Thurmaston Asda Roundabout is already a bottleneck at times because it now has to handle the new Costco Wholesale store traffic. I look forward to seeing the detailed plans as it’s difficult to see, even after any reconfiguration, how this traffic island would be able to cope with any substantial increase in traffic movements.
Cllr David Houseman
County Councillor for Syston Fosse Division which includes Syston west, Ratcliffe on the Wreake, East Goscote, Cossington and Thrussington.
 Email: [email protected]

In order to get some feedback from the Syston Town Council about the proposed development of 4,500, the editor contacted the town council office and STN received the following reply from the Chairman of Syston Town Council.

At this point in time I am only prepared to say that “Syston Town Council will be deliberating its formal response to the consultation at the next meeting of The Development Committee which meets on Tuesday 4th June. The Committee will be guided by the Syston Borough Cllrs who have been involved with the process at Charnwood Borough Council.
I personally see the road as a plus for Syston and its residents as the main transport mass will keep out of Syston for commuting purposes. The new town itself will use Syston Town Centre a good deal, a huge plus for retail businesses, who the majority of our public think make masses of money just by being there. Nothing is further from the truth.
Cllr. Stephen Hampson
Deputy Leader: Charnwood Borough Council
Conservative Member for Syston East Ward County Councillor for Syston Ridgeway Division

Below is a copy of the proposed development plus a new road not orginally mentioned in the proposal.

Map of SUE