Letters Page June 2013

Dear Editor,

We write to thank Mr Redfern of Queniborough, for his interesting letter regarding provision of Cemetery facilities for Syston. Our only responsibility, regarding The Cemetery, is as interested local Councillors working on behalf of our residents. Neither of us are on the Amenities Committee charged with responsibility for this area.

We do know however, that financial provision has been made by the council and an option for the purchase of land is held. The prudent use of Taxpayers money is vitally important to us. The option of Compulsory purchase is available, but not necessarily appropriate, as it could deprive local people of land. It is not a solution we would automatically support.

The search for suitable land has been carried on for the last ten years as indicated in our previous letter. Local consultation has taken place with the residents of Syston, Queniborough and Barkby and their responses will be taken into account when a decision is made.

A very relevant point is made in the letter, as neither of us are aware that the existing cemetery has potential for a further ten years use, but we shall put this point to the amenities committee who can investigate.

As local Councillors we are always available to assist residents with any issues concerning them. A Surgery is held in Syston Community Centre on the first Saturday of each month between 10.00am and 11.00am. The Surgery is proving very useful, to us and residents. Alternatively, on urgent matters, we can be contacted by telephone or by email via the Council Offices on 0116 260 7150 or email: [email protected]

Cllr Tom Barkley and Cllr Eric Vardy

Councillors – Syston West Ward.