STN Report on STC Full Council meeting on Tuesday 23th April 2013

There were 10 members of the public and 15 councillors present. Apologies were sent by three councillors.

Public Adjournment

Mr Henshaw raised a question about the use of the pavilion by youth offenders as discussed at the Amenities committee meeting. Several members of the public also asked for information about this as they had concerns over supervision and problems if they were not kept within the pavilion. Also concerns about the suitability of the pavilion for this as it is in need of refurbishment.

The Chairman responded by saying that it has been discussed and that their concerns were understood. He gave assurance that they would not be left unsupervised.

Other councillors also responded, and one said they were responding to a request from young people in Syston who requested a venue for a youth club since the Syston Youth Project had its funding withdrawn. The council agreed to refer it to the amenities committee. After some more questions from the public and responses from several councillors all trying to address the residents’ fears and trying to explain that there seemed to have been some misunderstanding, Cllr J Midgley, Chair of the Amenities Committee, explained that Cllr Pacey had provided a presentation from Leicestershire Youth Offending Service team, and the committee members query the word ‘offending’ but that is part of their title. She went on to say based on what they had been told it would to the benefit to Syston’s young people.

After the meeting the editor researched into this team and if you wish to find out more then visit the County Council website:


read by the Chairman. No declarations of interest were given.

Communications etc.

One received from the Carnival committee about the date of the event 31st August.

Police report

No police present. Councillors again discussed the need to write to the local police commander for the information.

Comm Centre Panel

Cllr N Gee requested amount of £215 for advertising of the community centre. This was agreed.

Progress Report

The council reviewed the progress of various items.

Borough Council and County Councillor’s Reports

Cllr T.Barkley reported about a BC incentive for home owners/tenants called Greendeal which helps them to reduce fuel bills.

Cllr E Vardy reported on the Borough’s Core strategy stating that the Borough had approved the plan as the best for Charnwood and that there would be public consultations in May/June, see separate article page??

He said that the monthly surgeries were proving very useful.

Cllr. K Pacey reported that he had completed two scrutiny panels work and would be working with another two.

County Councillor D Housman, at the time of the meeting was Cabinet Member for LCC and was standing again in the Election held on 2nd May, which he duly won. He referred to a communication from BABTAG asking for his opinion on the 4,500 houses, he said that his response, which can be read in full on page??, was that he could see no evidence that these are required in this location and the country roads are not capable of dealing with the increased traffic, they would be better situated near a dual carriageway and so he supported their objections. He went on to say that there was also no facility made for elderly people and CBC are signed up to providing appropriate homes.

He then reminded Councillors that the Area Forum was due to meet soon and that any projects needed to be in by 14th May.

He then explained about the Electrification of the line between Leicester and Sheffield which is due to commence 2014 and that he had enquired as to the affect on the bridge over Melton road and has been assured that the line will be lowered rather than raising the bridge, however, in Cossington there will be some disruption due to that bridge having to be raised. He also spoke about the proposed HS2 and that there is no benefit for us as part of the funding for HS2 will be raised by removing some of the subsidy given to Midland main line so trains from Leicester to London will be decreased. He also said that he has asked CC officers to look at the flooding under the Fosseway Bridge.

Cllr S Hampson said that he also was standing in the May county council election, and subsequently has been re-elected. He suggested that information about the Forum be placed on the notice boards and to let him know if anyone needed help in writing their bid. He finished by reminding councillors of the consultation that took place on 26th April in the Community centre by David Wilson Homes about the proposed development at Queniborough Lodge.