Dear Editor

Just a few words to thank you for the balanced approach you took with regard to the above in your June issue.

I know that many people do not want these new homes near to Thurmaston and Barkby. Charnwood Borough Council however have a duty in law to plan ahead for such developments. It’s not just housing incorporated in the plan, it’s all the necessary sustainable infrastructures such as employment land, open spaces,  schools, shops and roads etc. If we don’t have a plan, then you can be assured that developers will be submitting their plans anyway, and providing they are sustainable, there is a presumption in favour for such applications. Charnwood’s plan means that the Borough retains control over developers submissions.

Yes, we understand that people don’t want to embrace change, but our children and grandchildren all deserve quality homes that they can afford.

Our consultation process ensures that  communities have their say, and that the local plan is sustainable, robust and deliverable.

If you want to comment on the plan then, come along to the Consultation meetings, all the details are available at www.localplan.charnwood.gov.uk

Kind regards,

Cllr Eric Vardy

Charnwood Borough Council

Member for Syston West


The following letter is a copy of that submitted to Syston Town Council via the Acting Town Manager. It also contains reference to emails between the author and two other councillors which the STN cannot verify and so cannot confirm or otherwise to the content.

Dear Ian,

It is with great sadness that I write to tender my resignation from Syston Town Council.

I have been a councillor since 1991, and have always tried my best for the people of Syston.

Events during the past year have made me realise that any further effort is in vain. I have simply been trying to maintain the integrity and honesty of the Council. The Chairman has made it quite clear that he does not wish me to contribute. As he said, in an email to Cllr Barclay, which was sent to me in error:


Please silence this women


On 25 Oct 2012, at 20:31, Janet Midgley wrote:

On sorting out my papers from previous meetings I could not happen but to notice that on the?10.9.2012?Ian MacDonald was paid a cheque for his services to STC for Acting Town Manager.

This is very odd because the Resources Committee only agreed his hourly rate on the?18.9.2012?and full Council ratified this on the?25.9.12

Question-?How is this possible?? Who sanctioned this?


I have found myself being suppressed at meetings, in particular Resources and Full Council.

On several occasions over the past year, Council minutes have not been a true record of what has happened, for example Full Council of 24th July 2012. I have tried to have them corrected, but have been overruled. Indeed when the minutes were being ratified I was shouted down by the Chairman, as was the case last evening.

The Council has ceased to be honest, as evidenced by the statements made to members of the public last night about the use of the pavilion for a ‘youth club’.

The Amenities Committee at the April meeting and subsequently at Full council voted for the pavilion to be used by the Youth Offenders team for three days a week.The public was assured nothing has happened yet; this was untrue.

Essentially the Council has become a political playground, where councillors say one thing, and then agree behind closed doors to vote differently. As a non-political person who simply wants the best for my town, I am no longer able to make a contribution. So I feel that for me to continue to give up my time to attend to Council matters is a total waste. The electors of Syston deserve better than what has been happening over the past year, and I am frustrated at not being able to do anything about it.

The Chairman started his first year under investigation, and finished it under investigation. I have been appalled at how the Town Manager has been treated with lack of concern, sympathy, and understanding. As his employers I feel we should have treated him better.

I once said at a meeting in 2006 that I could not serve an Amenities Chairman that treated his committee with such utter contempt; this Chairman is now our Town Council Chairman. This hasn’t changed and the contempt continues.

Janet Midgley


Syston Town Council wishes to thank Janet Midgely for the services rendered to the town over 20 years. Unfortunately, in later years she fell out with a majority of councillors with her forthright views on most things to such an extent that resignation was her only option.

Her scrutinising powers will be missed

Steve Hampson

Chairman Syston Town Council