Dear Editor

I have been amazed by the reaction of the residents of Syston, and beyond, to my resignation from Syston Town Council last month.

I can only say thank you for all the good wishes and expressions of regret to my leaving the Council that I have received.

I am not alone in leaving a sinking ship. Five good Councillors have also resigned in the last 10 months. All these Councillors worked hard for what they believed, cared for where they lived, and supported the people of Syston wherever they could.

I have been inundated with phone calls, e-mails, personal contact, and my resignation has even been on facebook, not bad at my age!

I would like to thank County Councillors present and past, Borough Councillors present and past, Ex Chairman of Syston Town Council and ex Councillors. I would also like to thank the 15 current Councillors of the Town Council that have all expressed their regret that I am no longer a presence and voice at the Council table.

I am humbled by all your support and kind thoughts and if I can be of any help I will.

I would like to add it has been an honour and privilege to serve you all for these many years and I wish you all well.

Janet Midgley

Ex-Councillor and Syston resident.



Dear Editor

To the lazy irresponsible people who let their dogs foul & spoil your lovely park & town.

Thanks to you, it ruined the start of our visit to your park and town.

Whilst visiting the coffee morning at Syston Bowls club on Saturday 13th July with my uncle who is totally Blind, featured in November 2012 issue, Paralympic goes on at bowls club.

We were horrified by the amount of dog mess at the side of bowls club, and alongside the the railings and hedge. My uncle uses a Blind cane with a roller on the end to feel the contours of the walking area in front and to the side of him. As we tried to walk to the clubhouse, nearly every other step or sweep with his Blind stick came in contact with the filthy disgusting dog mess, and it was on the end of his cane and the ball at the end of his Blind stick.

We had to wash his cane and shoes with Disinfectant, at the clubhouse.

I have been a dog owner myself for some 30 years, so I know it does not take much to clean up after your dogs.

Robert Harrison