STN Report on the Full Syston Town Council meeting Tuesday 25th June 2013

Eight members of the public including our new PSCO attended along with 14 councillors.

Public Adjournment

Three items were raised. The first related to an item on the agenda about providing some funds towards a Syston in Bloom heritage walk booklet. Howard Midgley, Chairman of SiB Committee asked if the council would consider the request for the council to be a guarantor up to £400. They are working with the Stepping stones project but need funding from other places.

The second question came Pat Forrester and Mary Allsop, who asked why at a recent meeting about the Pavillion being used by the IMPACT team as a Youth Cafe had the councillors of that ward not been present. Cllr J Branson said she had been present. Mary Allsop went on to say that the Portacabin in Central park had been given to the youth of Syston by the Police and wanted to know how the council could give it to the band when she believed that legally it belonged to the youth of the town. She also asked if the council would look for the original documents to clarify to situation.

The final question raised was from Pat Forrester who wanted to know what the Town Council were going to do following the consultation meeting

Where they were told it was only a proposal and not a confirmed location. Is someone going to keep residents informed, as no funding at the time of this meeting had been secured.

The main meeting began with Cllr. M Carnal reading the reflection, and then apologies were given from three councillors. There was one declaration of interest relating to the confidential item.

All minutes were agreed subject to amendments.

Chairman’s Announcement & Communications

There were two communications received. One related to the council registering the ownership/management of Central Park. The other was a thank you letter from the principal of Roundhill Academy for the Town Council’s donation towards students awards.

There were no member’s questions.

Police Report

PSCO Jo Freeman introduced herself and explained that she wants to set up Neighbourhood watch schemes across Syston to help in reducing Antisocial Behaviour as well as other crimes. Anyone interested in
coordinating a group can contact Jo via email: [email protected] or telephone 101 and ask for Jo Freeman 6612.

She then reported that seven Burglary of dwellings had been reported in May with four ongoing enquires, reported Burglary of non dwelling was six with two ongoing enquires. There had been eight cases of Damage with one police caution being issued and others filed as undetected. There had been ten reported thefts with one ongoing enquiry. There had been no motor vehicle thefts, but seven reports of theft from motor vehicles, with one ongoing enquiry.

New Cemetery Issues

Ian McDonald, Acting Town Manager had received an email from the designers following a discussion with Duncan Clarke at Charnwood Borough Council, and he implied that no planning permission would be given until the visibility problem was resolved. Some discussion followed about the increase in cars using the junction, which was estimated at five per fortnight, so not a huge increase. Also if it was that dangerous, shouldn’t highways be correcting it anyway. After further discussion it was agreed to apply, and if need be amend at a later date.

Syston in Bloom Request

After some very positive discussion it was agreed to support Syston in Bloom and fund any shortfall up to £400.

County and Borough Councillor’s Reports

Cllr. D Houseman began with his County Council report and started by complimenting the Syston in Bloom team for entrance to the Community Centre with all the floral displays, showing that for a relatively low cost, spirits can be lifted in these times of austerity. He referred also the to closure of St Peter’s Street for repairs between 8th and 12th July. The County Council was awaiting the government spending review and suspect another cut in funding of 30% when Whitehall’s cut is only 12%. So he re-iterated that there would be no spare money for luxuries, for example visibility splays. He reminded councillors that the Highways forum is not a funding forum, but merely a place to discuss issues, and in most cases it is the landowner’s responsibility to provide visibility for road junctions by keeping vegetation under control.

He referred to a booklet produced by Charnwood Borough Council that didn’t feature anything happening in Syston and wondered why?

He then spoke about the Core Strategy consultation and raised his concerns that no facility for elder persons appears in it. Developers appeared to have no knowledge of this provision, Also a proposal for building  something four times the size of East Goscote appeared to have no highways consideration, if the infrastructure cannot be resolved then he can’t support this strategy until highways have found a suitable solution.

Cllr. E Vardy began with a defensive reaction to the Charnwood Core Strategy and said there was no planning application for the 4,500 houses, it is a general plan at this stage. He then went on to praise the STN for its balanced report on the Core Strategy. He reminded Councillors that the Borough Councillors are continuing with their Surgeries on the 1st Saturday of the month, which are open to residents to raise any issues.

Cllr. S Hampson began by agreeing with Cllr. Houseman’s comments about Syston in Bloom and said the town looked beautiful, and wished them luck in the East Midlands in Bloom competition.

He said that with an aspiration for people to own their own home he supported the plan for 4,500, local development plan, Core strategy plan.

Cllr. K Pacey spoke about the parking issue at 220 Barkby Road and said that sufficient car parking should have been included for the property as it is now creating a hazard.

He then explained that anyone planning a house extension need to be aware of a new logging system at Charnwood Borough Council which needs to be completed before any extension in the borough is erected.

Finally Cllr. S Hampson raised an issue with Arriva Buses parking on Melton Road while the drivers have their break, he thought was dangerous and with the Council permission he would request a cut out space for the drivers to pull into and not be a danger to other users.