The Leicestershire Speakers

ROOM 101

Room 101 is a place to send anything you thoroughly dislike, never to be seen again.

Rosie and Mark Glover presented this as a subject and everyone gave a short speech. This revealed some unexpected passions. TV presenters who wave their hands about and obscure the view got a hammering as did all things ginger, arising from bad memories of school dinners. Thuggish weeds in gardens and allotments were also consigned to oblivion as was the national plague of temporary traffic lights and drivers who don’t notice when the lights turn to green. Modern miniskirts when seen on inappropriate figures and badly designed supermarket trolleys that won’t steer didn’t fare too well either- nor did open-top cars with over loud radios.

It all added up to a light hearted evening mixed with some genuinely strong feelings. Very entertaining and illuminating.

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