Turin Shroud Exhibition in Syston

Our Picture shows Left to Right: Father Anthony  Pateman, Revd. Dave Warnock, Brenda Benton, Revd. Canon David White and Stuart Benton.

This most interesting exhibition visited Syston between Tuesday 18th and Tuesday 25th June. Invited by the Syston Churches together group, the exhibition was set up in the Methodist’s church on High street, Syston. Many people visited the exhibition, which really brings to light all the tests and history of the shroud. If you were unable to visit it while in Syston, the exhibition is being set up in Nottingham Cathedral in October, we will include details in the What’s On diary once the date has been set.

The following article has been provided by the exhibition curator and team, to help explain it a little more.

As the mystery of the Holy Shroud of Turin remains unsolved, this exhibition lays before you the most up to date scientific facts. Alongside this is a vivid display of the implements that caused our Lord’s agony and brings into sharp focus exactly what He suffered for our sake. The use of Scripture, on the display boards, highlight how the details depicted on the Shroud perfectly reflect the Biblical record. To complete the overall picture, the history of the Shroud is described in an easily understood format. But, most importantly, the Shroud is a symbol of Christ’s resurrection. Provision is made for those who are unable to see the boards clearly or view them from a wheelchair. A beautifully produced booklet of the exhibition will be on sale at the cost of £2. This helps to cover costs as the exhibition has Charity status and there is no entrance fee.

Over the past four years we have seen amazing things happen as the impact of the exhibition gains momentum in each new venue. It is a unique evangelistic and informative tool. God is using it mightily and we are seeing lives turned around without human intervention. Many are led to be in the right place at the right time, without any prior knowledge of the Shroud copy being exhibited. There are only ten of these life-sized copies in the world and this is the only one in this country.

Many schools visit the exhibition as children find it particularly interesting. The reason for this is that it brings history to life and makes science a fascinating subject. The image is a mystery, that even the greatest scientific minds cannot answer.

The curator of the exhibition, Mrs Pam Moon, is the wife of an Anglican vicar. Pam bought this wonderful replica of the Shroud with money given to her by her mother on her 50th birthday. The replica was produced by the American photographer, Barrie Schwortz, who was the official photographer at the STURP (Shroud of Turin Research Project) examination of the Shroud in 1978. The genuine Shroud is preserved with great reverence in Turin Cathedral. Pam gives an informative, challenging, and sometimes humorous, talk on the Shroud to many Church groups.

The exhibition has travelled widely and has been on show in many Cathedrals and Churches, including the following Cathedrals:
Westminster, Liverpool Metropolitan, St Chad’s, Birmingham, Coventry, Wells, St. John the Baptist, Norwich, Leeds, Worcester and Plymouth. We welcome visitors to make up their own mind about the Shroud of Turin.

Reading the comment book reveals the impact the exhibition has on so many lives of all ages. One of the most powerful comments is from a young man who said “How can anyone look upon That Face and not know that He is The King of kings?”

For more information on the Holy Shroud exhibition contact: Mrs Pam Moon on 01213 521 076 or Mrs Brenda Benton on 01543 279 017.