Book Reviews October 2013

Lynda la Plante
Simon and Schuster

Best-known for creating TV’s successful Prime Suspect series, La Plante has now built a loyal fanbase for her Anna Travis thrillers.
Reuniting Travis with her boss and sometime lover DCS Jimmy Langton, Backlash opens with two uniformed officers pulling over a white van being driven erratically through the streets of Hackney. They discover a woman’s body in the back and the driver confesses not only to killing her but two others, including a 13-year-old girl whose unsolved disappearance has haunted Langton for years.
Then the suspect, Henry Oates, suddenly withdraws his statement, claiming he was joking about the two other victims. But was he?

The Little Coffee shop of Kabul
Deborah Rodriguez

This book tells the story of five women – two Americans, one British and two Afghans – and the friendship they forge in a little coffee shop in the centre of Kabul.
It gives us an insight into the lure of a country like Afghanistan for foreigners, the harsh realities of life for Afghan women and the struggles of the older generation who can remember life before the Taliban.
If you’re looking for a an easy and warm-hearted read that gives an insight into the struggles of women living in a country with a culture that is far different to ours, then The Little Coffee Shop of Kabul is worth a read.

Heartbreak Hotel
Deborah Moggach

Retired actor Russell Buffery, or Buffy as he’s more widely known, has been living and working in London for the better part of his life. However, when his close friend Bridie passes away and leaves him her B&B in a small village in Wales, Buffy decides that this is as good a time as any for a much-needed change of scenery. He soon packs up his belongings and moves from the bustling big city to the quiet middle of nowhere.
What follows is the utterly charming and heartwarming story of Buffy’s new life in Wales and the eclectic guests that end up staying in his home, Myrtle House. The chatty actor is much more than just the man who rents out rooms and makes the full English in the morning.
The B&B’s inviting atmosphere and its welcoming host soon influence the tenants’ lives and in turn they also leave a positive mark on Buffy.
The characters vary wildly in age and background, making it a lovely read for young and old alike, as there is something to be found within the pages for each generation to relish and enjoy.

All three titles £7.99 less £1.