Declan’s Diary

Sorry for the gap in writing Declan’s Diary, but I write to say that we have had a fantastic six weeks which started off with a family holiday to Cornwall. We stayed in a lovely adapted cabin, my mum, brother, his girlfriend and my sister joined us, it was fantastic! The only people missing were my other brother, his wife and son, unfortunately he had to go on tour with the RAF, it wasn’t the same without them as we are a super close family. The best part for Declan was being able to go onto Newquay beach with his rock crawler remote controlled car.

The place where we stayed offered various activities, most of which Declan couldn’t do, however he was able to do crossbow with the help of mum, who held the bow, and his amazing coordination, he got some fantastic scores.

Later in the holiday we went to Chessington World of Adventure with a close friend and her son for two nights. The hotel was so lovely with incredible views of a ‘nature reserve’ outside of our window. I never thought I would wake up to look out of my Window and see zebras! Due to Declan’s Spinal rods he was unable to go on any rides but did nominate me to go on all of the big rides so he could laugh at me screaming!!!!

The absolute highlight for Declan during the school holidays was going to watch Top Gear being filmed, it was nice to see a show I hadn’t already been made to watch several times before on ‘Dave’. As always the presenters were really funny and Declan even managed to get in a shot which went on the TV. He also managed to get his photograph taken with James May, see above.

Unfortunately there hasn’t been much ‘fun’ happening since then as Declan’s chair has broken down. At the time of writing, 6th September, it has been a week since smoke started coming out of it whilst Declan was watching TV. It has been taken away for the problem to be diagnosed but it looks like it has reached the end of its journey with Declan. It has been a great chair over the past four and a half years but has taken some battering. Currently Declan is having to use a manual chair which due to his hip and knee problems he can only tolerate for a few hours, so is having to spend the rest of the time in bed. As a new chair will have to be specially made for Declan’s needs, we will be waiting for at least a month. I’m hoping by Declan’s birthday in October his new chair will be here and we will be able to go out and celebrate him turning 15.