Syston Town council Report

Four members of the public and 12 Town Councillors.

It was agreed to move the public adjournment to Item four regarding Archdale Street Park fencing issue as the residents of the property affected were present.

The Reflection was read by Cllr. S. Gerrard.


Two councillors sent apologies for absence along with the County Councillor.

Four Declarations of interest were made by Cllrs Screaton, Carnal, Barkley and Vardy in relation to Staffing and confidential items on the agenda.

Archdale Street Park Fencing Issue

Mr Pinnock was given time to put forward his comments and began by saying that as he and his wife are in their 80’s and that one starts to count the days as it has been eight months since the wall fell down, and he would do anything to help get it repaired. It had prevented them from taking a holiday this year as they felt the property was insecure. Cllr. S Hampson said that the acting town manager had received quotes and hoped to get the matter dealt with quickly. Cllr. M Carnal had been to view the site and discussed issues that need resolving in order to get a new fence up. Mr Pinnock thanked the council for the temporary fence but asked again for the council to complete the work as soon as possible.

All minutes were agreed and accepted.

Chairman’s Announcements and Communications

A letter of resignation had been received by the council from Ivan Spiby due to what he thought was mismanagement of a staffing matter.

Another letter was received from a charity for donations for furniture and resources.

Other correspondence referred to meetings being held at the beginning of September. One being held in Thurmaston related to the future developments and it was agreed that Cllr. P Henry would represent the council. Also an invitation from Wreake Valley Academy to their annual Celebration event at the King Power Stadium, Cllr. S Gerrard agreed to represent the council. The last was relating to the Rural County Council Achievement awards that Cllr T Barkley was unable to attend, it was agreed that Cllr. K Pacey would attend in his place.

Members Questions received to the Chairman

Cllr. K Pacey asked why the Dog signs had not been put up as they should have been there at the end of the school term.

New Cemetery Update

Cllr. K Pacey reported that there is no evidence to show that the junction Barky Road and South Croxton Road is dangerous and that there is a possible access via Syston Grange roadway, so more options than first thought. Cllr. M Carnal asked if they could proceed with both. It was agreed to contact Bellinger Design and ask for them to proceed to the next stage.

Police Report was not on the Agenda.

Historic Syston Fire station Sign

It was agreed to ask the Community Panel and development committee to gain quotes for placing it near the entrance to the community centre.

Youth Cafe at Sports Pavilion

The Acting Town Manager brought the council up to date with an email from the Syston Band offering to give up the Cabin if they can use the Pavilion for their rehearsals. There was a lot of debate and it emerged that a lot of meetings had been held since the public consultation meeting, but as yet no agreement has been made as to where the cafe will be placed, particularly as the police had also raised concerns about the use of the pavilion. There has also been a change in CCTV legislation which may prevent planning permission being gained for Memorial Park. The Impact team were to attend the Carnival to gain more feedback from people about the cafe in Syston. Cllr. N Gee said he felt that the pavilion was the best place but needed to meet with other agencies.

It was agreed to set up a panel to look into this further with Cllrs. N Gee, K Pacey and M Pacey agreeing to be on it.

Bowling Club Extension

The Acting Town Manager reported that the Bowls club have planing permission to extend the clubhouse and have asked for a meeting with the council. It was agreed to invite them to the next amenities committee meeting.

Billy Bates Fair

The Fair had contacted the office to request opening the fair on Sunday 8th September 2.00pm to 7.00pm as they will not be open on Thursday due to a charity event they were attending. This was agreed.

County and Borough Councillors Reports

Cllr. T. Barkley reported the Charnwood Borough Council had fined an organisation £36,000 for not following health and safety regulations. They are now working with a company to help advise local businesses on health and safety, details can be gained from Charnwood Borough Council. He then mentioned the competition being run by Charnwood Borough Council to have new sign designs for the borough, the closing date for entries is 27th October. Local Surgeries have been worthwhile and will continue as it is helping to get problems resolved.
Cllr K Pacey reported that he had been to a lot of panel meetings, and that most did not have an influence on Syston, one of these related to dealing with complaints,  with the feedback stating that most people are happy with the way these are dealt with.

Cllr E Vardy
He told the council of his change in role at the Borough due to another councillor’s resignation, he is now the new cabinet member for planning, as reported in the September issue of the Stn.

He went on to remind councillors about the Charnwood Borough Council’s consultation which would close on 20th September.

He finished by saying he would like to inform them about the neighbourhood planning at a future meeting.

Cllr. S. Hampson
Repeated Cllr. Vardy’s reminder about the Borough consultation, but also urged all councillors to complete the County Council Consultation that appeared in the Leicestershire Matters leaflet distributed to all homes in the county.

He also reported that he had been pressing to get all potholes repaired as well as re-lining roads in Syston.

The next two items were classed as confidential so the public and press were politely asked to leave.

Fiona Henry, Editor.

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