The Leicestershire Speakers

An Actor’s Life for Me?

In a ‘True or False?’ tale, Stan Barrett described a young man’s experiences in trying to become an actor. It involved a lot of ‘resting’ which meant plenty of washing up in West End restaurants and even a spell as an MC at wrestling bouts. It was fiction.

Josephine Burgess introduced us a little known person called Eglantyne Jebb. She was a privileged lady who was shocked beyond belief when she saw the cruel conditions children endured in the Baltic. She started a movement which – almost a hundred years later – became the worldwide charity, Save the Children. In a well researched speech, Ann Dixon described beautiful gardens from Leicestershire to St Petersburg. Dot Barnard gave a training talk on how we review each other’s speeches.

Mark Glover presented the three-minute speeches which were: ‘The world would be better with more/less/fewer…’ These included ‘People like me,’ ‘Puddings’ and ‘Grass’. Very entertaining!

The Leicestershire Speakers welcome anyone who would like to learn the art of speaking in public. Our meetings are supportive, informative and entertaining. We offer enthusiasm and encouragement to help turn nervous wrecks into confident speakers. We meet at 7.30pm on the second Wednesday of each month at the Blaby Drop-In Centre. For more information ring Anne Jones on 0116 277 2295, or visit our website

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