A Very Special Local Family Tradition

At our Harvest Festival a traditional hand-made harvest loaf was provided by the Borderick family for the display at St. Peter and St Paul’s church this year, just as they have for the past ten years or so. The Borderick’s are a local family, and used to have a grocer’s shop on Syston Green.

Someone in the Borderick family has been making a special harvest loaf for various churches in Syston that they have attended for more than a hundred years. Isn’t that an amazing tradition! Started by David Borderick’s Grandma (who died in 1925), the tradition was carried on by one of David’s aunts before the yearly task was taken on by David’s wife Sheila early in their marriage in the late 1950’s. Sheila has done this yearly labour of love every year since then. The loaf (see picture) is a beautifully crafted object, depicting the bible story of the ‘loaves and the fishes’, and on behalf of the church I’d like to offer congratulations to Sheila for continuing this lovely tradition.

Felicity Austin