New Barkby WI

President Shirley Franklin welcomed members and visitors to the New Barkby WI’s October meeting.

Speaker for the evening was Penny Hodgson of Mountsorrel, who spoke of ‘A skeleton in the cupboard’ as she is researching her family tree, and showed different photographs and copies of documents as she gave her talk.

Sometimes a name could have been used for a child, and then, if that child died, the name might have been used again. Spelling mistakes were common, so names became corrupted. One of the expensive items is the purchase of birth/death certificates, but before they were available it was necessary to go to the records office or to a parish register.

Penny has traced her ancestry to 1612 and is still drawing on threads to connect different members of her family as she delves into microfile and online research.

She showed a picture of a skeleton looking out from a cupboard(drawn by her daughter), and told everyone to keep records if they are involved with family history and ‘to have fun and enjoy any skeletons and make them dance’.

The vote of thanks was given by Mrs Warren.

Competition for the letter ‘I’ was won by Mrs V Cobb with an inkpot.

Raffle prize was won by Mrs K Sharp.

Tea hostesses were R.Foster, J.Goulden and J.Cross.

Next meeting is Wednesday November 6th at Syston community centre at 7.30pm. Visitors are welcome to attend our meetings. This will be New Barkby’s annual meeting when a new committee will be voted in.