Local Friends Knit Poppies for Charity

Photo above shows: Bev, left ,and Karen, right, knitting away. Picture courtesy of  John Weston.

Karen Weston and her friend Beverley (Bev) Plume meet regularly to knit, crochet and have a natter.
In the early summer of 2012, Karen had a long term illness and turned to doing more and more knitting and crochet as an aid to her recovery.
Bev came across a pattern for a knitted poppy, so they made a couple just for themselves. That was the start, because everyone they met admired their poppies so much that all of a sudden, everyone wanted one.
They both started knitting like mad, and by selling them to friends and family, managed to raise £76 for the Royal British Legion Poppy Appeal in 2012.
This year they have worked extremely hard and have produced a range of poppies. Each one is hand made and hand finished, and no two are exactly the same.
The response this year from friends, family and work colleagues has been tremendous. At the time of going to print the total raised is £282, which has surpassed all expectations.
Karen and Bev donate all monies collected to the Royal British Legion Poppy Appeal, and have supplied all the wool and brooch pins for their poppies.
With next year being the centenary of the start of the 1st World War, they are hoping to do even better than this year, and with that in mind have enlisted the help of a few more knitters to help them out.

However, if any readers have an odd ball, or even half a ball of red wool they don’t want, then Karen and Bev could make use of them. Contact us at Stn and we will pass on your details.









Picture above shows the range of handmade poppies made in 2013.