STC Full Meeting Report 22 Oct.13

There were three members of the public present, including CCD Houseman and PSCO Jo Freeman.

Public Adjournment

There were matters raised by the public present.


Cllr S Hampson opened the meeting with a reflection.

There was one apology for absence.

There were no Declarations of interests.

LCCpart night lighting scheme; Mr P Gibson

A presentation was given to the Council regarding the LCC part-night lighting scheme, where lights are to be switched off between midnight and 5.30am. Street lighting maps were circulated to all councillors which showed which lights would be switched off in order to make an annual saving of £700,000 throughout the county. A consultation process is currently being held and this closes on 22nd November 2013.

Cllr S Hampson asked members to write with suggestions to the Acting Town Manager who would forward them to LCC.

All minutes were agreed and accepted.

Chairman’s Announcements and Communications

The Acting Town Manager read out a letter from Rosemary Foster of Age Concern conveying her grateful thanks to the members of the Council for their kind donation of £200 towards their core costs, which will help in continuing to provide a service to the elderly of Syston.
The Acting Town Manager read out an email from Helen McNulty stating that the working group felt it would be beneficial to the community for the Council to invite the public to another meeting regarding the proposed youth cafe. Unlike other meetings there would be representatives from the Police, Charnwood Borough Council and Youth Offending.
The Chairman asked the Acting Town Manager to chase this up and obtain a date for this meeting.
There were no Members’ Questions Received to the Chairman.

Police Report

PSCO Jo Freeman reported to the council that during September the number of crimes reported included five burglaries of dwellings, with two ongoing enquiries and one detected. Two burglaries of non-dwellings. Four reports of damage, of which one is ongoing and one detected. Seven reports of theft had been received again one is ongoing. One theft of a motor vehicle was reported and detected. There was also one theft from a motor vehicle.
During the month of September police and multi agency partners had targeted reported ASB in the Raynsway. The local Co-op had experienced a number of thefts; PCSO Jo Freeman said they would hold beat surgeries within the store to show a police presence and to engage with the community. They would also carry out a patrol campaign in the run up to Christmas, Navratri and Diwali; visiting homes to offer crime prevention advice. PC Jo Freeman would also be visiting schools to discuss anti-social behaviour around the time of Halloween and Bonfire Night. A poster had been emailed to Council regarding ‘trick or treaters’ calling.  Neighbourhood Watch co-ordinators were still being sought.

Co-option of New Councillors

Two applications had been received for three vacancies.

Cllr E Vardy proposed and it was agreed that both applicants be co-opted as council members.
Nilesh Patel was co–opted to New Barkby Ward while John Lillie had not decided which ward he would represent.
They both signed their declaration of acceptance of office and took up their seats. The Chairman wished them all the best on the Council.

Proposed Double Roundabout at Junction of Melton Road/High Street/Barkby Road

Cllr S Hampson said that the proposed double roundabout had been discussed some time ago but he had promised highways that he would give them an official view from Syston Town Council. Following further discussions;
Cllr K Pacey proposed and it was agreed that Leicestershire County Council (LCC) have another look at this plan and that Syston Town Council are not in favour at supporting two roundabouts.
An amendment to this proposal was made by Cllr E Vardy to ask LCC to ensure that the current roundabout was maintained on a more regular basis.

Cllr K Pacey requested that the Acting Town Manager write to LCC asking that all white and yellow lines in Syston be brought up to standard.

Correct Approach When Seeking Advice on Council Matters

The Acting Town Manager provided a brief report on the correct way of seeking advice on council matters which, arose out of the grievance investigation. This was noted.

Dates of Council Meetings for December 2013

Cllr N Gee proposed, and it was agreed to hold the December meetings on:

Tuesday 3rd December Development Meeting at 7.00pm

Tuesday 3rd December Amenities Meeting at 7.30pm.

Tuesday 10th December Resources Meeting at 7.30pm

Tuesday 17th December Full Council at 7.30pm

County/Borough Councillors’ Reports

Cllr D Houseman began by congratulating the two new councillors. He then went on to report some good news after a long time, yellow lines will now be put down in Northfields and St Peter’s Court very shortly. Cllr Houseman said that he was still pursuing the problem regarding flooding under the bridge on Fosse Way but funds available were limited. He also congratulated Cllr Hampson and Cllr Vardy in the removal of the recycle bins from the entrance of the Brookside Car Park.

Cllr Vardy gave the last update of the draft core strategy, and a decision would be made at the meeting on Monday 28th October at Charnwood Borough Council. A webcast is available through Charnwood Borough’s website and starts at 6.30pm. This will tell you where they have decided the houses will be built, the debate and the outcome.

Cllr Barkley said that Leicestershire and Charnwood Borough Council have a joint project to support Leicestershire families who are at risk. They have eleven support workers and have already received 63 referrals. It was to help families to re-engage with society; The support workers were working all hours, not just office hours, and it was based at Charnwood Borough Council offices. He then announced that it was budget time again and a million pounds has to be found over the next three years noting that a million pounds has already been found over the last three years; it is becoming more and more difficult.

Cllr Pacey had a success story regarding the parking issue on Barkby Road as the planning application for an extension had now been amended to incorporate a car park for eleven cars at the back of the property.

He went on to state that scrap dealers now must hold a valid licence and verify who they are receiving the metal from. They have to keep accurate records and scrap will now only be paid for by cheque or electronic transfer making it more difficult to sell stolen metal. Licensing appeals are increasing with the most objections from new people taking over or existing ones not doing their job properly.

There are problems in Cross Street with rubbish and vandalism and it has become a new meeting place for young people at night.

Cllr Hampson reported that Leicestershire has received 7,300 consultations and the most significant point to arise was that more gritting over the winter period was required.

The next items on the agenda were confidential and so the public were asked to leave.