Thai-Tanium Thai Boxing Club

Thai-Tanium Thai Boxing Club of Leicester, recently travelled to Southampton with four local fighters to participate in the ‘King of ring’ competition held by Kings Gym, Southampton.

On arrival we were informed that one opponent had pulled out at the last minute, she had been due to meet one of our big prospect female fighters M. Barnwell, 15 years, a disappointing start. However, our two junior fighters K. Knox, 10 years and C. Barwell,11 years opened the show. K. Knox and C. Barwell competed in rounds of 1.5 minutes x 3; up first K. Knox, both fighters came out strong with Knox looking the stronger fighter, throwing his opponent to the canvas several times. Second round much the same, and the third round was dominated by Knox who placed powerful body/leg kicks. A majority decision was awarded to Knox and first win of the day for Thai-Tanium.

C. Barwell’s fight was up next with both girls coming out fast and furious although Barwell was the stronger opponent. Second round saw Barwell throwing powerful kicks. Barwell stepped it up in the final round stepping to the side and looking strong. Second win to Thai-Tanium.

Our last fighter, Vjay Nathoo, fought in three by two minute rounds, and it was a great fight from start to end; the opponent from Bournemouth came out composed and strong, but this did not deter Nathoo who threw powerful leg and head kicks which put his opponent off balance. Second round saw Nathoo land big body kicks, bruising his opponent and then following through with a barrage of punches. Under the instruction of his corner for the third round Nathoo targeted specific areas with his knees.

Nathoo took the majority decision to a rapturous applause; three out of three wins for the team!!

M.Barnwell has a fight scheduled for the 24th November 2013 in London on the Super MTC show.

Chief Instructor Jamie Knox feels it will be a tough fight for Barnwell, but has every faith in her and can’t wait for this fight.

Over 18 of the team have recently completed various gradings, and the club will be holding it’s second inter-club on the 8th December 2013.

If you would like to train with Team Thai-Tanium please contact Jamie at [email protected] visit our Facebook page.