A Little Bit of Spring

Feeling a bit low after all the glitter and excitement of Christmas, I was browsing at a local Nursery and came across a bright display of Spring plants already in flower and was inspired to make this Pote-Fleur.

The container is a simple black shallow pot which has been useful for many different designs on many occasions, and is deep enough to take the roots of the plants when they have been removed from their pots.

You can leave the plants in their pots for convenience but they tend to move around. Alternatively the plants can be removed from their pots and wrapped in polythene. This makes them easy to remove when they die off and replace with new plants.

I decided to remove the pots and use compost.

(If the design is to last for some time it is advisable to add a little charcoal to the bottom of the pot and a few crocks to assist drainage.) Then I added a layer of compost to lift the plants well above the top of the container. I had chosen two colours of Primrose and a pot of Tete-a-tete Narcissi. All were just coming into bloom.

When these were arranged to my satisfaction I filled in the spaces with more compost and added a small pinholder in a little container (easily hidden) to take a bunch of Daffodils from the florist. A container with a little crumpled wire would also do.

Arrange the Daffodils in a natural manner. They should look as if they are growing. I added some Black Bamboo which a friend had given me before Christmas as a link with the black container to give the design some height. You could use bare Winter branches.

Covering the compost was easy as I had saved some moss from one of my designs at Leicester Cathedral in September. This has been in a pot in the garden and is still bright green. I also added some pieces of wood, and grey and black stones for texture.

I expect this design to last about two weeks(replace the daffodils as needed). The most rewarding thing about such an arrangement is that the plants will grow and change just as they would in a Spring garden, and help to cheer us until the warm weather arrives.

Gayle Shell